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Proposal rings

Rings that take away the guesswork and let you propose with love.

What is a proposal ring?

Whether you’re unsure about ring size or what diamond shape to go with, let’s be real, no one wants to get it wrong when it comes to a proposal. If you’re certain about your love, then why not be certain about your diamond ring?

The idea is simple: plan an unforgettable surprise proposal, ask for your partner’s hand with a stunning placeholder ring, come back later together to create an engagement ring you know you’ll both love.

Named after the most romantic cities that have inspired countless proposals across time, our proposal ring collection will help you take the next step without a hitch.

All the surprise, none of the guesswork

Why get a placeholder engagement ring? From an unexpected getaway to a ring box tucked away in a coat pocket, a marriage proposal is about the thrill of surprise. But more and more, couples choose to design their perfect engagement ring together. So how do you keep the proposal a surprise while also sharing the joy of crafting your ring?

Proposal rings take away the guesswork and let you focus on love. They’re like an understudy to your engagement ring: the perfect stand-in until you’re ready to come back and design a diamond engagement ring and wedding ring together.

Don’t let uncertainty hold you back from getting down on one knee. We’ve got you.

Life after the proposal (when the fun begins)

Can you propose with any ring? Can you propose without a ring?

You don’t need us to tell you that at the very heart of any proposal, what matters most is love. When your love is genuine, you should always do things your way. That may mean proposing with a different sentimental object such as a necklace or a gummy ring, or by simply getting down on one knee and letting your words do the talking!

But we also know that people enjoy making age-old traditions their own. Placeholder engagement rings are a perfect way to make your proposal suit the specific needs of your relationship. You’d never take a one-size-fits-all approach to love, so why would you fall back on conventions around marriage that don’t speak to you?

What does a proposal ring mean?

By the time you propose, you and your partner have taken a journey together. Maybe it’s this inherent sense of adventure that exists in all relationships that inspires us to propose in far-off romantic cities.

Wanderlust and love go hand in hand, which is why this collection is named after some of the most quintessential places in which to propose. Who knows, maybe you’ll even take a little inspiration from the name of your ring and hop a flight to pop the question.

The Florence Proposal Ring Pendant

Meet the Marrakesh Proposal Ring

This gender-neutral proposal ring was inspired by the sense of adventure that underlies every romance. With a geometric design, this promise ring features three melee diamonds in a bead bright setting, giving this handmade unisex ring plenty of sparkle. This design mimics the shape of a solitaire engagement ring meaning it can also be worn as a men’s engagement ring.

Say hello to Montreal

The Edinburgh Ring

The Edinburgh, a unisex sterling silver diamond ring, features a geometric yet thin band, whose faceted texture dazzles in any light. A textured proposal ring is a wonderful option for any couple and can double as an everyday ring after the wedding ceremony. We love this design for its twin bezel-set tapered baguette diamonds, making it a classic piece of modern minimalist engagement jewellery.

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