Diamond Toi & Moi Engagement Rings

Drawing together timeless design with modern artistry, our collection of diamond toi & moi engagement rings offers you an exciting selection of unique rings, allowing you to find a design that speaks to love you share with your partner. A toi et moi engagement ring features two centre diamonds or gemstones, symbolising partnership and devotion. The gemstones meet together on the finger–a motif of two souls meeting as one. From a gently curving oval cut to the striking angles of a princess cut, choosing the diamond shape best suited to your relationship is a great way to make your ring feel personal, so be sure to check out our full range of gemstones. Our designers draw creative inspiration from all over to bring you a diverse range of diamond engagement rings, so explore our full selection of design styles below.


What is a toi et moi engagement ring?

‘Toi et Moi’ is French for ‘You and Me’, a fitting title given this ring design’s sentiment and inspiration. Two lovers are represented by twin centre gemstones that sit side by side on the ring’s band.

This centuries-old engagement ring design dates to 1796, when Napoleon Bonaparte proposed to Empress Josephine de Beauharnais with the first Toi et Moi ring. Forever appealing, the Toi et Moi engagement ring has proved time and again to be the ultimate expression of love.

The ring has since garnered newfound attention thanks to its unparalleled sentimentality, romantic backstory and A-list celebrity fanbase—think Ariana Grande, Jackie O, Megan Fox and Kylie Jenner.

Our Toi et Moi collection highlights the ring’s adaptability as the aesthetic of each style fluctuates with the cut, setting or size. Choosing the right engagement ring is an intimate process and our ‘Toi et Moi’ collection is carefully tailored to capture every element of your journey together.

The Turelle Toi et Moi Ring Design

Popularised by Napoleon in the 18th century, the ‘toi et moi’ style is a timeless style steeped in history and romance, featuring two gemstones, which are positioned side by side to symbolise the meeting of two lovers. Deriving its name from the French word ‘tourelle’, meaning ‘turret’ or ‘small tower’, the unique Turelle ring is inspired by fantastical castle turrets and available in 18ct yellow, white and rose gold and platinum, with a filigree setting for an elegant finish.

The sparkling pear diamond and 0.95ct emerald cut blue, yellow or pink sapphire are held in place at the centre with eagle claws and are perfectly slanted to gracefully capture the light from all angles.

The Peratrice Toi et Moi Ring Design

A variation on the French word ‘impératrice’ meaning ‘empress’, the Peratrice ring takes its name from Napoleon’s wife Empress Josephine, who sported one of the first ‘toi et moi’ engagement rings. Meaning ‘you and me’ in French, the ‘toi et moi’ style is a timeless devotion of love and symbolises the union of two people on account of its signature two-stone design.

The unique Peratrice ring can be set in platinum or 18ct yellow, white or rose gold with a bezel ‘kissing’ pear stone setting and is characterised with a magnificent pear-shaped diamond and a 0.70ct pear-shaped blue sapphire at the centre.

Drawing inspiration from sculptural and angular forms, the Peratrice promises endless practicality and wearability and is underscored with an architectural essence, adding a clean and contemporary twist to a time-honoured style.

Pear diamond and a 0.70ct pear pink sapphire toi et moi engagement ring

The Besso Toi et Moi Ring Design

A grand gesture, the Besso ring veers in the non-traditional direction whilst retaining the signature details of the classic ‘Toi et Moi’ engagement ring. This ethereal ring is truly one of a kind and comprises a dainty slim band and unique composition with captivating diamond and blue ombré cluster side stones to reflect a life full of love.

Falling into the modern organic category, the Besso adopts the signature ‘Toi et Moi’ design as the two magnificent stones meet at the centre: symbolising becoming one. Exerting timeless appeal, the Besso is a classic choice for couples after sentimentality and meaning.

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