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Our first ever sweet-inspired engagement ring

We're bringing back the thrill of teenage puppy love

Real love is playful. Real love imagines and inspires and isn’t afraid of having a little fun. The pretending is over, because at Taylor & Hart we’ve created our first sweet-inspired engagement ring.

They say you should always embrace your inner child. So we figure, why not make your childhood dreams come true? Especially when it involves diamonds, sapphires, and gold.

Since they arrived on the scene in the early 90’s, jelly rings have been synonymous with childhood crushes and playtime proposals. At some point we all had someone down on one knee in the school yard asking for our hand with one of these sugary sweets.


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Who says kids should have all the fun?

Inspired by childhood dreams of marriage, weddings and forever love, this bespoke ring captures the magic of falling head over heels for the first time. Because no matter how old you are, your special day should be filled with the same thrill you felt with your first crush.

We always go all the way for love. Which is why our sweet-inspired ring features a 2.70ct cabochon yellow sapphire set with 40 fancy-intense yellow diamonds in an 18ct yellow gold basket. 224 custom cut rubies totalling a weight of 3.60ct are invisible set into an 18ct rose gold band.

Priced at £25,000, we even estimate that you could purchase over 1,250,000 of the 2p jelly sweets for the same value of this ring!

— Kate Earlam-Charnley, Design Director

“Our engagement was perfect.”

Our sweet-inspired ring also draws inspiration from the real-life sweetie proposals we’ve head about here at Taylor & Hart over the years. The spontaneity and playfulness of a candy-infused proposal was the exact thing David needed to get down on one knee for his fiancée Vivienne.

Having been proposed to with a jelly candy ring, Vivienne says that there could be no better way for the big day to have gone down. “No frills or fuss. Just simple and a very special memory I will have forever.”

On a lazy Saturday morning David said he was going to bring Vivienne a cup of tea in bed. But instead he brought up a a tray covered in rose petals and a handmake box containing the sugary ring. “I had no idea, was totally surprised and he said it was the quickest “yes” I had ever said. I couldn’t stop crying!”

After a dinner with her family that night to celebrate the news, Vivienne and David came to Taylor & Hart later that week to share in the experience of designing their dream ring.

Our design team couldn't help but dream up a few colourful variations of our favourite treats.

And if you’re after something a little more classically simple, our design team put together this delicious interpretation featuring a centre cabochon ruby starting from £1,735.

sweet engagement ring ruby cabochon in yellow gold

What does our Design Director think?

If our sweet-inspired ring has piqued sugar craving, we’re offering this brand new design for £25,000. If you’re after something a little more subtle but still want that kick of sweet, sweet nostalgia, we’ve got you covered. We love that kinda’ stuff so get in touch. In the meantime, Design Director Kate says that “with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought it was the perfect time to bring this brand new design to life.”

Interested to see what we can create?

We offer bespoke commissions all year round, welcoming requests no matter how out there. Whether it’s paying homage to your favourite show or reworking family heirlooms into new pieces, we take a limitless approach to creating the perfect one-of-a-kind ring to tell your unique love story. We make love our life’s work, so together let’s make your wedding dreams come true.

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