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The Ten Commandments of Proposal Planning


Your proposal is a moment to remember forever. So whether it’s booking your venue months in advance, or ensuring your other half has a picture-perfect manicure the day before, so she can proudly show off her ring, preparation is key. Here’s our top ten tips on how to make sure your proposal goes off without a hitch…

Ask for permission

Before you get carried away planning a magical proposal you need to decide if you’re going to go down the traditional route and ask for her father’s permission or not. While this might seem old-fashioned to some, it could be a make or break deal for some brides-to-be (and their fathers!) Even if you’re sure, it’s probably safest to ask as a gesture of respect to your future in-laws.


After you’ve decided to propose, make sure you keep quiet to avoid the surprise being ruined. The best proposals are those that are a complete surprise to the bride as well as all of her friends and family. If you need advice, think carefully about which one of her friends is most likely to keep your plans secret.

Personalise it

Keep her in mind at every stage of planning the big event. Every element of the proposal should be thought through and tailored her taste and personality. A ‘borrowed’ proposal isn’t going to win over any hearts, especially if the idea has no connection to your story. Originality will be appreciated far more.

Timing is everything

Truth of the matter is, there’s no perfect time to propose. Most people say “when you know, you know” so a long as you feel calm and ready, you can finalise your plans and get down on one knee.

Proposing on a special holiday or birthday has its advantages and disadvantages. While these days are often accompanied with family and existing memories, it may also mean you will always share your proposal date, which might make the occasion feel less special, while for others, it’s a great way to remember and celebrate every year. It’s totally down to personal preference.

st pauls cathedral

Location, location, location

The venue of your proposal is one of the trickiest things to decide. If she loves to spend time outdoors, choose a romantic spot on a country walk or a pretty park.

If she appreciates the finer things in life, perhaps a Michelin star restaurant, an iconic setting or a luxury holiday destination would better suit your proposal.

Or if she’s adventurous, how about proposing while you’re both travelling the world?

It’s also important to keep in mind whether you think she’d prefer the proposal to be in public, or privately between the two of you.

Practice makes perfect

Like anything, practice makes perfect. Deliver a heartfelt proposal speech by thinking about what you want to say before the moment arrives. Don’t over think it; you don’t want it to sound rehearsed.Just memorise a few key points you’d like to express so you can propose without the nervous stutters.

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Get down on one knee

Whether your proposal is classic or a little more unique, there’s one tradition no groom can afford to forget: getting down on one knee. Some say it just wouldn’t be right if you didn’t.

Put a ring on it

The ring. It’s her lasting memory of this incredibly special event so it’s so important you’ve chosen a ring that will conjure up romantic memories and emotions every time she glances at it. To design your own engagement ring, you’ll need to get in touch to discuss your designs at least 4 weeks in advance, so make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to avoid rushing.

Say cheese!

However you ask her, one thing’s for sure: she’ll want a picture to remember the day forever.

Since your partners’ left hand will be the centre of attention once news of your engagement is announced, it would be nice for her nails to be picture-perfect for the ring-selfies she’ll be sending to her loved ones and posting on Instagram.

What better way to treat her, by booking a manicure with USPAAH just before your planned proposal date? This way, her very own concierge brings the spa to your door, so she needn’t even leave the house for perfectly manicured nails. And if you think she might not be able to fit an appointment into her busy schedule, they’re available for bookings 7am – 10pm 7 days a week.

“My boyfriend surprised me with a beautiful engagement ring last night at dinner, and I was over the moon, but it was late in the evening, my nails were a mess, and I was dreading showing my hand at work the next morning! Uspaah sent a Spaahrista within an hour, and I got a perfect manicure at home, which was really convenient and truly blissful.”

Victoria, USPAAH customer.

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Now all you’ll need is a camera, so whether it’s a Polaroid, digital camera or your iPhone, make sure you’ve got some way of capturing this moment that she’ll treasure for a lifetime.

And after she says ‘Yes’…

Have a plan for after she says ‘yes!’ Depending on where you pop the question, maybe you could have a table booked at her favourite restaurant, or have her friends on cue to celebrate. Just make sure you have some time alone to process it all.

And of course, don’t forget to share a picture of your ring and proposal on one or all of our social platforms!

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