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Cluster Engagement Rings -
Collection and Guide

Design a cluster engagement ring

Striking and unique, cluster engagement rings are perfect for those who want to bring a magical element to their engagement ring. Whether it be a cluster of diamonds, rubies or sapphires, there are a limitless amount of stylish ways that you can craft a cascading constellation of gemstones to accent your engagement ring design.

What is a Cluster Ring?

A cluster ring is an arrangement of smaller diamonds or gemstones–the look and feel can vary greatly. The formation can be asymmetric and abstract or can be very uniform and symmetrical. With a diamond cluster ring, you aren’t restricted to the classic diamond shapes. Instead you can arrange your gemstones in any shape or formation you wish.

And that’s the beauty of a cluster engagement ring, the potential of crafting something that’s totally original. To give designs a unique shape and form, designers often use cluster rings with pavé set stones to create organic, innovative designs.

Gemstones such as emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and Paraiba tourmalines can all be combined in your cluster ring to make an eye-catching, colourful arrangement. Play with shapes to create your ideal cluster, such as mixing round brilliant cut diamonds with marquise, pear, or emerald cut diamonds or gemstones, or play with colour combinations to achieve a more dymanic finish. We often see the ombré effect being included on cluster designs that allow designs to feature the classic icy tones of diamonds transforming into the lighter and then more vibrant tones of the chosen gemstone.

What are the pros of cluster engagement rings?

A cluster ring is when, rather than one larger gemstone, you have a number of smaller gemstones set together as the centerpiece of your engagement ring. A cluster ring can be set into many intricate and original shapes, and often has an antique quality that creates a charming ring.

The biggest advantage of a cluster is that it can give the appearance of a larger gemstone but at less expense. Smaller diamonds arranged together can pack as much sparkle as a larger diamond and will cost much less than a larger diamond of the same surface area.

What are the cons of cluster engagement rings?

Due to the arrangement of many small stones set together, a cluster ring might be harder to clean than a simple solitaire. Also, because there are so many small stones it could be easier for one of the gemstones to become loose if not maintained properly.


Types of cluster engagement rings

Cluster engagement rings are known for their distinctive design, where multiple smaller gemstones or diamonds cluster together to create the appearance of a larger, more brilliant center stone. Here are some common types of cluster engagement rings:


Halo Cluster Rings

A central gemstone or diamond is encircled by a halo of smaller stones.
The halo enhances the brilliance and perceived size of the center stone.


Flower Cluster Rings

Gemstones or diamonds are arranged in a floral or petal-like pattern.
This design often features a round or oval center stone, mimicking the look of a flower.

Starburst Cluster Rings

Gemstones radiate outward from a central point, resembling a starburst.
This design creates a dazzling and dynamic effect.

Square Cluster Rings

Smaller gemstones or diamonds are arranged in a square shape around the center stone.
Square clusters can give a modern and geometric twist to the classic cluster design.

Vintage-Inspired Cluster Rings

These rings draw inspiration from antique or vintage designs.
They often feature intricate details, such as milgrain or filigree, surrounding the gemstones.

Mixed Gemstone Cluster Rings

Clusters can consist of various gemstones, adding color and vibrancy.
Popular choices include sapphire, ruby, emerald, and diamonds combined for a unique look.

Three-Stone Cluster Rings

Instead of a single center stone, three stones form the central focus.
The three stones can symbolize the past, present, and future of a relationship.

Art Deco Cluster Rings

Inspired by the Art Deco era, these rings feature geometric patterns and bold designs.
They often incorporate baguette-cut or emerald-cut diamonds.

Custom Cluster Rings

Many jewelers offer customization options, allowing you to create a unique cluster ring based on your preferences.
You can choose the type, arrangement, and size of gemstones to suit your style.


Minimalist Cluster Rings

These rings feature a simpler cluster arrangement with fewer stones.
Minimalist clusters offer a delicate and understated elegance.

When choosing a cluster engagement ring, consider the overall design, gemstone selection, and the arrangement of stones to find the perfect ring that suits your style and preferences.


Round centre framed by round diamond clusters engagement ring set in 18ct yellow gold

Flowering, fragrant, and fruit-bearing, the Marula tree is traditionally known as the “marriage tree”, a place for vows to be exchanged beneath the shade of leafy, floral branches. Our Marula ring is bursting with light and dainty details, and it’s one of our most popular floral engagement rings. Set in 18ct yellow gold, this cluster diamond engagement ring features a centre round diamond surrounded by bouquets of variously sized brilliant diamonds, all held in 18ct yellow gold round prongs. This artistic handmade round diamond ring also has a high bridge, meaning it will sit snugly alongside your wedding ring for that “perfect match” look.

Round centre framed by round diamond clusters engagement ring set in 18ct yellow gold


Oval centre engagement ring with marquise diamond petals on a knife edge band

Named after the sculptural and romantic tamora rose, our Tamora ring is an ode to the creativity of nature. Our design team is proud to present this unique diamond engagement ring, featuring an oval diamond centre held between symmetrical clusters of marquise diamond petals. This contemporary three stone engagement ring for women is finished with eagle claws surrounding each gemstone. The ring’s diamonds are held in a two tone metal setting, with 18ct yellow gold adorning the intricate lattice-work basket and a slim 1.6mm 18ct yellow gold band. The result is a nature-inspired engagement ring that feels like it was freshly picked from a rose bush.



Oval engagement ring framed by marquise diamond clusters engagement ring set in platinum

The Lantana is an ode to new beginnings and fresh adventures, symbolised through its contemporary and expressive blooming design. One of the most popular pieces in our new collection, this minimalist cluster diamond engagement ring sits on cathedral shoulders, giving the ring face enough height to sit perfectly alongside your wedding ring. The oval cut centre diamond is flanked by clusters of marquise diamonds held in bead claws to create a signature petal blossom look. This unique handmade platinum engagement ring is set atop an ultra slim 1.6mm round profile band.



Oval diamond centre and floral diamond halo engagement ring set in platinum

One of the most captivating rings in our whole collection, the Lyra is an engagement ring adorned with stunning detail and meticulous craftsmanship. This floral-inspired engagement ring features a centre oval diamond set within a textural halo of 14 round diamonds, all held within dainty eagle claws. This platinum halo engagement ring is elevated by the intricate lattice basket that supports the central oval diamond. With a polished platinum band that connects to the basket through tapered cathedral shoulders, the Lyra is a classic engagement ring with an unforgettable presence.


Oval diamond centre and pavé diamond halo engagement ring set in platinum

Our most popular halo engagement ring design, the Allure’s classic silhouette and graceful lines act as the perfect canvas for any diamond or gemstone. The diamond encrusted halo and band uses slightly smaller sized diamonds than some of our other designs which gives it an understated elegance. Set in platinum and finished with sculptural eagle claws, the design allows any straight wedding band to sit flush against it.


Round diamond and a 0.80ct round blue sapphire engagement ring with sapphire and diamond ombré side stones

A one-of-a-kind design, the Besso pave ring seamlessly marries old-world charm with modern organic undertones. The Besso borrows its name from the Catalan word for ‘twin’ and is an ethereal approach to the classic ‘toi et moi’ engagement ring; a style first popularised by Napoleon in the 18th century. The ‘toi et moi’ ring is identified by its classic two-stone design, which symbolises the union of two lovers. Crafted with a dainty slim band and unique composition, the Besso is set in platinum with round prongs to hold the captivating round diamond and 0.80ct round blue sapphire in place. Equal parts elegant and lively, the ring is crafted with diamond and blue ombré cluster side stones for an enchanting finish.


Pear diamond and a 0.95ct emerald cut blue sapphire engagement ring set in platinum with an 18ct yellow gold band

Popularised by Napoleon in the 18th century, the ‘toi et moi’ style is a timeless style steeped in history and romance. The Turelle ring is a contemporary take on the newly trending ‘toi et moi’ style and features the signature two gemstones, which are positioned side by side to symbolise the meeting of two lovers. Deriving its name from the French word ‘tourelle’, meaning ‘turret’ or ‘small tower’, this unique Turelle ring is inspired by fantastical castle turrets and set in platinum and yellow gold with a platinum filigree setting for an elegant finish. The sparkling pear diamond and 0.95ct emerald cut blue sapphire are held in place at the centre via eagle claws and are perfectly slanted to gracefully capture the light from all angles.


Radiant diamond centre and claw-set diamonds engagement ring set in 18ct yellow gold

Set in 18ct yellow gold with three claw-set diamonds on each side of the diamond centre, the Divinity is the perfect engagement ring for subtle sparkle. The diamond centre remains the focal point, almost like a solitaire style, and the three claw-set diamonds form an elegant triangular shape, which is very flattering on the finger.


Oval engagement ring with marquise accent stones in platinum

The Cascade ring is inspired by flowing forms of waterfalls and the outpouring of love we experience each day living alongside the person we love most. To draw together this sentiment and this natural form, we designed an intricate milgrain diamond engagement ring with an oval centre diamond flanked by rows of marquise diamonds. The centre and accent diamonds are held in floral-shaped petal baskets, resulting in an organic Art Deco engagement ring that’s sure to turn heads. This platinum oval engagement ring also features milgrain detailing along the band and basket to add to its vintage charm.


Round diamond centre and pear side diamonds engagement ring set in 18ct yellow gold

The Affinity three stone diamond engagement ring features a diamond centre flanked by a pair of perfectly portioned pear diamonds, all set in 18ct yellow gold. Our most popular trilogy engagement ring style, the Affinity is the perfect design to add a pop of colour. Pair a coloured gemstone centre with the pear diamond sides or vice versa. The world is your oyster–shuck away!

How to select diamonds for a diamond cluster engagement ring

When selecting diamonds for your cluster engagement ring, instead of the 4 C’s (cut, clarity, carat and colour) focus instead on the shape of the gemstones and the type of stone selected when planning your design. As the gemstones are usually quite small in a diamond cluster engagement ring, elements such as clarity and carat aren’t as significant. What’s important is that you choose the correct shape and colour combination for your ring.

The style, colour, and shape of your cluster ring should reflect your personal style and story. If you are designing a bespoke cluster engagement ring, consider the sentiment behind the arrangement and choose metal and gemstone colours that reflect this. For example, you or your partner could choose to incorporate a birthstone in the cluster to create a beautiful, personalised engagement ring.

When choosing a wedding ring to go with your cluster diamond engagement ring, consider the style of your ring, and the shapes and colour of the gemstones used. If your cluster ring features all diamonds, a diamond pavé wedding band could be the perfect match. Alternatively, you can compliment your cluster ring with a contrasting colour, such as pairing blue sapphires with yellow diamonds.

If your cluster ring is a particularly striking shape, why not craft a bespoke cluster wedding band to match your engagement ring? Our design consultants can craft a wedding ring design that perfectly compliments your cluster engagement ring. Curved wedding bands are very popular, and tend to accentuate the form of a cluster ring.

Design your own cluster engagement ring

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