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Pear Diamond Engagement Rings

Known for their superb light return and sparkle, the signature silhouette of a pear diamond is instantly recognised and much beloved.

More about pear diamonds...

The pear diamond engagement ring, sometimes referred to as the ‘teardrop’ or pendeloque cut, is unlike any other diamond shape. It is the perfect blend of a Marquise and oval shape, with one rounded end and point on the other, making for a soft yet statement engagement ring.

The history

Invented in the 15th century by diamond cutter Lodewyk van Berquem, the pear diamond still retains its popularity today. He created a diamond-polishing wheel that allowed every facet of the diamond to be polished which was transformative. This meant that all pear shaped diamonds to follow had the chance to exhibit a sparkle and brightness like never before.

Why should I choose a pear diamond engagement ring?

A diamond of juxtapositions, the tip of the pear can be worn facing upwards of downwards–a dynamic shape that combines soft tradition with a pointy edge. Its facet structure leaves nothing to be desired, full of sparkle, fire and brilliance.

What should I consider when choosing a pear diamond?

Similarly to oval shape diamonds, some pear diamonds may exhibit a bow-tie effect. This occurs when light doesn’t bounce into the middle of the diamond because of the way it has been cut and appears as a visible bow-tie shape darkness in the diamond’s centre.

While most agree that this is part of a pear diamond’s beauty, a severe effect is undesirable. All of our diamonds are hand-inspected to ensure they do not possess a strongly visible bow-tie effect.

severe bow tie pear cut diamond

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