Platinum Engagement Rings

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Platinum Diamond Rings

Platinum is the rarest of all the precious metals and is mined at a rate of 1/10 that of gold. Despite this, platinum engagement rings are in high demand, affordable and make a durable choice for a ring that will be worn on a daily basis.

Its cool white sheen emphasises the brilliance of white diamonds and there is no reflection of colour onto the diamond itself. Of all the precious metals, a platinum diamond ring is the most durable choice and its quality is clear to see. It doesn’t corrode, withstands stress and will stand the test of time.

Although a platinum engagement ring will scratch, it is easy to polish and due to its tightly packed molecules, after a re-polish it returns to its original beauty without losing any of its weight, unlike gold, which loses a layer every time it is polished.

The advantages of a platinum engagement ring do not end there. This metal is perfect for allergy sufferers or those with sensitive skin as it contains no nickel and is completely hypoallergenic and inert.

While platinum rings carry a small premium over gold engagement rings, it does not need to be regularly rhodium plated like gold does, nor does it lose its weight when polished, making platinum rings a long standing, durable and beautiful metal choice.

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