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Behind The Brand

The ethos behind Taylor & Hart is to create beautiful jewelry that is comfortable and crafted to last a lifetime.

Jason, our Creative Director, is responsible for creating a range of designs which transcends trends and are destined to become treasured family heirlooms.

“Mid-century modern design is sleek, yet always functional. That’s what I wanted for the collection.”

Classic designs that looked beautiful from every angle and are comfortable to wear.


A ruby is set on the inside of the band of every design that allows it. The red ruby acts as a tangible symbol of our brand, capturing both our customers’ story and the care everyone at Taylor & Hart has put into the design, craft and delivery of each product.

signature ruby

Legend has it that rubies were believed to possess ethereal qualities such as invisibility and power. Warriors wore rubies when in battle as a shield of protection.

Whether you are typing an email, opening a door, mowing the lawn or holding your partner’s hand, a ring should delight from all sides. Inspired by his love of mid-century modern furniture, with its clean, elegant lines, Jason eliminated any unnecessary elements from the range.

All designs have been distilled down to their essence–graceful and feminine.

Throughout his studies at the Gemological Institute of America, Jason learned to always begin designing around the center gemstone. Every thought must be put into maximizing the center gemstone’s beauty!

A perfect example of this ethos put into practice is the Entwine design, part of our engagement ring collection. The stunning round diamond is gracefully framed by two interwoven ribbons of gold and pavé diamonds–symbolic of the union of two people.

And that’s what it’s truly all about. Our beloved customers’ love stories told through the rings they have chosen to seal their bond.

Jewelry has, and always will be, an expression of the human stories that inspired their creation. We want to reconnect people with this original role of jewelry and to be your jeweler for life.


Your unique story is what inspires us, each and every day.

happiness wall collage fin

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