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Men's engagement rings

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Whether you’re planning to propose or are finding a wedding band to perfectly suit your style and taste, choosing a ring to mark this occasion should be an exciting experience. Our selection of men’s engagement rings and wedding bands feature a thoughtful and contemporary collection of designs made for all sorts, from those who prefer something subtle to someone looking for intricate patterns or scintillating diamonds.

Have a particular idea for your dream ring in mind? Let’s chat. Even if you only have an inkling of what your design inspiration will be, why not explore bespoke engagement ring designs for the groom-to-be? Our designers will guide you through the process, and bring your ideas to life before your eyes.

Have a look through our collection of men’s engagement rings below or spark some new ideas by looking through our gallery of bespoke creations designed to get you inspired.

Men's bespoke engagement rings

Are there engagement rings for men?

While engagement rings have traditionally been reserved for women, there’s no reason why men shouldn’t complement their wedding bands with something expressive and personal, too. Beyond being a mere signifier for a man’s marital status, an artisan-crafted ring can bring out the best of masculine creativity and artistry.

The practice of wearing engagement rings can be traced back to ancient Rome, where women wore rings made out of gold, ivory, flint or copper to signify their marital status and commitment, while men were not obliged to wear a ring. The tradition of a man wearing a wedding band did not come about until the 20th century, post-World War II. Apart from their families and away from home, men began wearing wedding rings to remember their loved one. When the war ended, wedding and engagement rings became symbols of prosperity and success, with weddings becoming a much more lavish celebration compared to the traditional religious and civil ceremonies of yore.

Today, a vast majority of men wear wedding bands to act as a symbol of commitment and a celebration of their marriage. Men’s wedding bands are most often a polished band of varying width, either in yellow gold, white gold or platinum. While timeless, men’s wedding bands have never offered much by way of creative expression. Instead we see countless renditions of simple wedding bands, which means men—and anyone looking for alternative wedding jewellery—have very little choice in the style and intent of their jewellery.

But things are changing. And we’re here for it. Our selection of men’s engagement rings are designed as reinterpretations of the classic wedding band, with a unique flair that incorporates the high quality materials, including stunning diamonds and gemstones. For someone looking to propose to the love of their life, our selection of rings has you covered.

What is the difference between a men's engagement ring and a men's wedding ring?

Symbolically, a man’s wedding ring is first worn on the day of his wedding to mark the beginning of his new relationship. Both he and his partner put on their bands in an act of reciprocal recognition of their marriage, to bond them together as a loving couple.

Conversely, an engagement ring is worn from the time one partner proposes marriage, as a symbol of intent and excitement for the actual forthcoming marriage. Historically, women are asked to wear an engagement ring, which will be more intricate and stylised than her wedding ring. The same goes for men’s engagement rings! These rings serve the same cultural purpose, only with a more masculine flair to their design. This collection celebrates the innate stylishness of minimalism, with sleek bands, accented gemstones, and thoughtful engravings.

Can men wear diamond engagement rings?

Absolutely–anyone can and should wear diamond engagement rings! There are no limits to self-expression, and if you happen to be a man who thinks a bejewelled engagement ring would work for you, then we say go for it. It’s a choice you make for yourself, no matter who or what gender you are. Diamonds are a beautiful, extremely long lasting gemstone—perfect for a ring that you would wear the rest of your life. Diamonds come in a myriad of interesting shapes and sizes, so pick something that resonates closely with his personality. There should be no boundaries to express a sentiment of love and individuality.

What does an engagement ring mean to a man?

An engagement ring is a symbol of promise and commitment, and the result of a proposal from one person to another. No matter how you identify, an engagement ring is a symbol of a mutual agreement to spend the rest of your lives together. Shaped as a circle, a ring is a metaphor for an unbroken bond, and for a love that lasts for an eternity.

What ring style should I choose for a man?

Typically, men’s wedding rings are quite simple in design, usually a gold or platinum band of varying widths. This is the style that is associated with male engagement rings. However, there is a difference between a wedding band and an engagement ring for a man. A male engagement ring has a design with more character and presence than a wedding band. If you’re proposing to your man, the occasion calls for more than just your average wedding band: diamonds, gemstones and exquisite details should all be in the mix.

A gold band could be jazzed up with a row of diamond pavé, or feature a simple solitaire diamond with a subtle gypsy setting within the band. Black diamonds are also popular, as they contrast nicely with metal. Bright gemstones such as emeralds and sapphires also make a beautiful addition to a contemporary gold band, adding expressive color into the mix. Choose a ring design that you feel best suits his style.

When choosing a ring for someone, it’s important to think about their lifestyle and how practical your favourite design would be for the wearer. If your partner has a labour-intensive job, then a diamond wedding band or a ring with many gemstones might not be the most practical option, unless they are securely set in either a bezel or channel set pavé. Those who don’t work with their hands much can safely wear rings that feature gemstones in claws, or use softer gemstones such as emeralds.

There are many possibilities of personalization with rings that can help make your design and style of the ring even more distinctive. A simple gold or platinum band with an engraving can transform a ring into a precious object that’s completely one of a kind, allowing your design to become deeply personal.

What metal is best for a men's engagement ring?

Because you’ll be wearing the ring everyday, a hard-wearing and high-quality metal is best. We recommend 18ct yellow gold or 18ct rose gold for those who are looking for warmer tones in their engagement rings. If you’re wanting a cooler tone of metal, we recommend platinum. Gold and platinum make excellent engagement rings because they’re robust and keep their lustre over time. They are also hypoallergenic, which means that they shouldn’t irritate your skin or react with other metals.

What ring profile and width should I choose for a man?

The width and style of ring profile is completely up to the personal choice and style of the wearer. In terms of width, men typically choose between 3mm and 6mm. However, if you would like to wear something more refined, we make engagement rings with band widths as slim as 1.6mm.

Choosing the ring profile depends completely on your personal style, or the style of your significant other. Some prefer the rounded, softer shapes of a Court or a D-shape band, while others prefer the sharper edges of a flat or bevelled band.


A contemporary look, the bevelled ring profile suits those who like a flat ring with a dynamic edge.

bevel shape wedding ring profile


For those who enjoy a softer look, the D-shape profile is similar to a court ring, but the inside of the ring is flat and sits flush on the finger. The D-shape profile ring can be set with diamonds and gemstones to personalize the ring.

d shape wedding ring profile


The flat shaped profile is a classic, perfect for those who prefer a minimal look. Accentuate this shape with square gemstones to add flair to the ring.

flat shape wedding ring profile

How do you find out the correct size for your men's engagement ring?

If your ring for your partner is a secret, it can be tricky trying to figure out his correct ring size.

In UK sizing, the average size of a man’s wedding ring finger is a size Q. If your partner has smaller hands, he could be closer to an N. If your partner has larger hands, he could be closer to an T.

There are ways of getting someone’s ring size discreetly. Get a friend to try rings on with him and report back, or if he already owns rings, measure those for reference.

If you still aren’t sure, rest assured that most rings can be resized. We offer a complimentary resize upon purchase, so if it isn’t perfect, we can easily fix the size of the ring.

Does a woman propose to a man with a ring?

While it’s currently uncommon, a woman can and should feel like she can propose with a beautiful ring! As with all age old traditions, sometimes they need to be turned on their head. As our society begins to move away from strict gender roles, we’ve seen quite a change in the meaning of marriage and how two people express their love for one another.

Once seen as a contract in which the man would financially take care of the woman, marriage is now viewed as an equal partnership in which both parties should contribute equally in all respects. This has caused some to question whether men should always be the ones to purchase an engagement ring. Why shouldn’t a woman feel that she can propose when she’s ready? If you feel like you have met your soulmate, put a ring on it!

LGBTQ+ relationships and proposals

Queer couples already know that typical gender roles need not apply, which is what makes the proposal all the more exciting! There’s no rules or script on how or who should be the one getting down on one knee, so think carefully about what makes your loving relationship unique and try to come up with a proposal plan that honors who you are as people. What we do know is that everyone loves a good proposal story, so make it count!

We’ve helped couples from all across the queer community find their perfect forever rings. What we’ve mostly found is that one partner will come in to visit us in secret first with plans to create a bespoke engagement ring that perfectly suits their love story. Once the first proposal has been made, the second partner will come back to create a second ring in kind. What could be more romantic?

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Celebrity men’s engagement rings

While most of our attention goes to the most glamorous and impressive celebrity engagement rings worn by women, it’s worth taking a closer look at the wedding jewellery worn by famous men. Men’s engagement rings are increasingly becoming a trend, with more men feeling at ease with expressing themselves through fine jewellery. For the rich and famous, a simple gold wedding band just won’t do. For celebrities such as Brooklyn Beckham and Char Defrancesco, a diamond ring is the perfect accessory to express their love for their famous partners.

Brooklyn Beckham’s gold promise ring features a 0.5ct baguette diamond gypsy set in an 18ct yellow gold wedding band. He proposed to his girlfriend Nicola Anne Peltz before getting his ring, and while they aren’t married yet, his engagement ring is a taste of what is to come!

When you are dating Marc Jacobs, you can expect nothing less than total glamour in your engagement ring. Jacobs had an eternity band designed especially for Defrancesco, and it features a full row of emerald cut diamonds, with a total carat weight of 17ct. A statement ring that is also timeless, the design carries special meaning as eternity bands are symbolic for a never ending love.


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