Diamond Sizes Compared

While carat weight is a measure of a diamond’s weight, and not its size, it is a consistent indicator of how large a diamond will look, when viewed from the top.

Factors such as the diamond shape and its cut will also affect the size. Some shapes of the same carat weight may look larger or smaller when compared and viewed from the top. Similarly, a good, fair or poor cut diamond may sometimes make a diamond look smaller than another “excellent” cut diamond of the same weight. To help illustrate how diamonds of different carat weight look, we have composed this visual guide.

Round diamond sizes compared on a hand

From a 0.30ct, through to a 1.25ct diamond, see how a round diamond will change in size and appearance when set in a solitaire ring as its carat weight is increased.

The carat options shown are:

0.30 | 0.40 | 0.50 | 0.70 | 0.90 | 1.00 | 1.25

0.3ct diamond on hand

While the diamonds shown below are not actual size, the increase in proportion between each is to scale to demonstrate the difference between diamonds with increasing carat weights.

diamond carat weight

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