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All of our Signature Gemstones, explained.

Love is in the details

As artists and designers, we’re on a never ending journey to best represent the magic of your relationship. 

That’s why we came up with our Signature Ruby: a small ruby sourced from the Greenland Ruby mine, set inside the band of each of our designs to act as a little secret shared between you and your partner, a reminder of what the two of you have built together over the years.

The Signature Ruby is a mark of the care and attention that went into designing your ring. It reaffirms the idea that there’s so much more emotional meaning to an engagement or wedding ring than its outward appearance.

But even though rubies have become a bit of an emblem of our work here at T&H, did you know that we actually offer a whole range of Signature Gemstones?

We have over 20 different types of gemstone that can be lovingly embedded in the interior of your ring’s band. Having this range of options is perfect if you want to swap out the ruby with your partner’s birthstone or a gemstone that’s found in the geological region where you fell in love. 

So many of our customers embrace the Signature Gemstone as a chance to get original, so we wanted to get you inspired on how to make this design feature your own. Below is a quick guide to get you familiar with our whole range of Signature Gemstones and what makes each of them unique!


Colour: Red
Birthstone: January
Symbolism: Friendship, vitality, love
Trivia: Garnets got their name from the Latin word for pomegranate seeds. As pomegranates were traditionally given as gifts of friendship and affection, garnets are the perfect symbol for a relationship based in kindness and support.


Colour: Purple
Birthstone: February
Symbolism: Peace, calm, a supportive relationship
Trivia: More than just the birthstone for February, amethyst is the birthstone for the winter solstice (21 Nov – 20 Dec) because its rich purple tones closely resemble the colours of the winter sky.


Colour: Blue
Birthstone: March
Symbolism: Problem solving, intimacy, inner peace
Trivia: Ancient Romans believed that the god of the sea, Neptune, loved aquamarine and so this gemstone has the ability to calm stormy seas and offer protection on new adventures.


Colour: White, pink, or yellow
Birthstone: April
Symbolism: Strength, love, devotion, and fidelity
Trivia: Because of their unmatched hardness, diamonds are not just a symbol of love but also of invincibility and strength. They’re a great way to pay tribute to the hard work and devotion that’s gone into every relationship.


Colour: Green
Birthstone: May
Symbolism: Truth, eternal life, success, healing
Trivia: In Ancient Greece, people believed that the emerald was the gemstone of the goddess Venus, deity of love and hope. Emerald also has strong connotations with the richness and interconnectedness of the natural world.


Colour: Green
Birthstone: June
Symbolism: New beginnings, transformation, romance
Trivia: Alexandrite is known for its incredible ability to change colour under different lights. This is caused by the molecular composition of the gemstone and causes some alexandrites to appear green in daylight and red under an incandescent light!


Colour: Red
Birthstone: July
Symbolism: Love, power, emotion, fire.
Trivia: Rubies are the traditional gift given to a partner on your 15th or 40th anniversary and are the most iconic stone used to represent passion and romance.


Colour: Green
Birthstone: August
Symbolism: A good heart, brightness, light
Trivia: Peridot is frequently found in meteor craters and was even recovered from outer space by NASA in 2006, making it perfect for a love that was ‘written in the stars’.


Colour: Available in pink, yellow, blue, green and orange
Birthstone: September
Symbolism: Faith, hope, destiny, protection on long travels or journeys
Trivia: If you or your partner are into astrology, different zodiac systems assign sapphires to both Taurus and Gemini. Why not personalise your ring by including a nod to your star sign?


Colour: Pink or green
Birthstone: October
Symbolism: Problem solving, intimacy, inner peace
Trivia: Tourmaline becomes electrically charged when warmed by heat or by rubbing it. This conductivity makes tourmaline symbolic of a lover’s touch.


Colour: Swiss blue and London blue
Birthstone: November
Symbolism: Goodwill, protection
Trivia: In the Middle Ages, bathing in water with topaz was believed to be a cure for poor eyesight. As such, topaz is known for its ability to offer guidance and clarity throughout life’s journey.


Colour: Yellow-orange
Birthstone: November
Symbolism: Intuition, success, an open mind
Trivia: Citrine rose to popularity in the 18th century Romantic Period was favoured by many cultural figures of the time, making it a perfect gift for someone who is artistic, creative, literary, or a true romantic at heart.


Colour: Bluish-violet
Birthstone: December
Symbolism: Compassion, calmness, open skies
Trivia: Tanzanite was first discovered in 1968 in Tanzania, and to this day it can only be found and mined in a small region there called the Merelani Hills near Mount Kilimanjaro.


Colour: Green
Birthstone: Tsavorite is a variety of garnet, so is also a January birthstone
Symbolism: Knowledge, perception, understanding
Trivia: Only recently having been discovered, tsavorite was named after being first found in Tsavo National Park, Kenya, in 1967. They have a high refractive index, giving them a fantastic green hue and sparkle.


Colour: Black and red
Symbolism: Passion, devotion and longevity
Trivia: Because of its pointed crystal structure (it’s named after the ‘spines’ within its crystals), spinel has a uniquely bright sparkle compared to other coloured gemstones—although this is more visible on larger cut and polished spinels.

The most magical part of a relationship is rarely the part that others can see. What makes love magic is the invisible bond, the unspoken trust, the knowing looks shared across a crowded room that prove that you and your partner share something one of a kind.

That’s what our Signature Gemstone sets out to represent. More than the outward beauty of a centre diamond or the poetic story of a trilogy design, we wanted to find a way to capture the more private side of a relationship.

Get in touch with one of our design consultants today to discuss all the ways you can incorporate these gemstones into your engagement or wedding ring design.

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