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Design Your Own Blake Lively Engagement Ring

Blake Lively rose gold engagement ring

Rose gold is becoming an increasingly popular metal choice for engagement rings. Not only can rose gold engagement rings be worn with existing jewellery of all metals and tones, but it is a delicate and pretty metal choice, perfect for those who want something a little unique, while still keeping their engagement ring feminine.

You can design your own Blake Lively inspired custom engagement ring or you may fin d that our Halcyon collection ring closely resembles it in style.

Rose gold engagement rings consist of a mixture of gold and other metals such as copper and silver. The combination of these metals alter the colour so for instance, the more copper that is present in the mixture, the more pink the metal will appear, which is why these rings are also known as pink gold engagement rings.

Blake Lively’s 12 carat oval-cut diamond rose gold engagement ring is undeniably one of the most impressive celebrity engagement rings of the past decade. With its oval-cut diamond set in a romantic rose gold pavé setting, this ring is both delicate and show-stopping and Lively is certainly not afraid to show it off, as seen in a number of her Instagram posts.

Watch the video of our own recreation of Blake Lively’s rose gold engagement ring below.


We frequently receive celebrity inspired engagement ring requests and our expert consultants work to design a ring as similar as possible within a specified price range. While Ryan Reynolds committed a cool £1.5 million ($2 million) on Blake’s pavé engagement ring, we’ve created a rose gold engagement ring following the same design as Lively’s ring but at a fraction of the price.

Of course, a 12 carat oval-cut diamond is a very large diamond, especially for those with small or dainty hands, not to mention its price tag. This expertly designed ring has a 1 carat centre diamond instead, which retains the ring’s classic aesthetic, but significantly lowers its price point.

See below the 12 carat version on the hand. Notice how the three row looks relatively delicate in comparison to the large and impressive diamond.

Below is a 1 carat version with exactly the same band, the Halcyon. Here the band looks a little wider due to context of size. Although it works well, all the hand set diamonds mean the band will be around 2.3mm wide which makes the main stone look smaller.

Oval diamond rose gold engagement ring

Lively’s engagement ring looks as if it has two separate bands when in fact, it is her wedding band that has been designed to sit in this way alongside her engagement ring. This engagement ring is designed to be worn alongside a custom wedding ring to truly complete this classic look.

How much does each ring cost?

An exact replica of Lively’s 12 carat engagement ring (above left) would cost around £1,310,000.

If you’re looking for something like the original, but in a size smaller than one carat, we’d suggest the Halcyon, shown above. The Halcyon, with a 1ct oval diamond would cost around £6,000.

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