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Design Your Own Mariah Carey Engagement Ring

Mariah Carey. Singer, songwriter and universally acknowledged for her love of all things luxurious.

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So, it was no surprise that her now fiancé, James Packer, chose to propose to her with a 35-carat emerald cut diamond platinum engagement ring, flanked with tapered baguettes.

That’s right, a whopping 35 carat diamond engagement ring, which is reported to have cost Packer in the region of $10 million. That makes the Mariah Carey engagement ring a higher carat weight than both Beyonce’s and Angelina Jolie’s engagement rings combined. Here’s how the 35-carat centre diamond engagement ring looks on the hand.

mariah carey engagement ring

Packer designed the ring together with jewellery designer Wilfredo Rosado, a close friend of Carey’s, who said: “it’s an epic ring for an epic time in her life.”

The dynamic lines and faceting structure of the emerald cut diamond are complemented by the tapered side baguettes, giving Carey’s engagement ring a distinctly vintage feel, inspired by jewellery from the Hollywood glamour era of design.

We often receive celebrity inspired engagement ring requests and our expert consultants will work with you to craft a ring as similar to the original as you like. You can even just take small design elements that you’d like to include in your own engagement ring design.

Below is a bespoke 1-carat emerald cut engagement ring pictured on the hand inspired by Mariah Carey’s engagement ring. Notice how the tapered baguettes cover the width of the finger, ensuring the ring design remains impressive.

mariah carey engagement ring

This bespoke ring features a 1-carat emerald cut diamond with accompanying tapered baguettes, set in platinum and would retail for around £6,000, allowing you to have your very own Mariah Carey engagement ring at a far more affordable price. Of course, you could choose a centre stone of a lower carat weight to fit your price point and the ring’s striking and classic design would remain.

mariah carey engagement ring

You can also include elements of the original ring if you’re inspired to have your own Mariah Carey engagement ring design. The design below would satisfy emerald cut lovers while maintaining a clean and classic aesthetic.

This trilogy engagement ring set with a 0.6 carat centre diamond, flanked with two emerald cut side stones would be available for around £2,500, but could, of course, be set with a diamond of a lower carat weight to result in a lower price point.

emerald cut diamond trilogy engagement ring

Our design consultants are available to discuss your designs and you can create your very own Mariah Carey engagement ring. Whether you wish to incorporate tapered baguettes in your design, the double claw setting or to embrace the entire design, schedule a consultation with one of our experts to discuss your ideas, at your convenience.

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