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Emerald vs Tsavorite: which is the green gemstone for you?

If you’re interested in a green gemstone, you will discover that there are many which all provide different benefits. We’re taking a look at the advantages of emerald vs tsavorite which share a few similarities.

They are both strikingly green and, with a 7.5 score on the Mohs hardness scale, offer the same scratch-resistance. In order to make the purchase you’ll be most happy with, you should know what sets these gemstones apart.

Emerald vs Tsavorite

Emeralds provide that characteristic “emerald green” colour with a low facet structure that highlights this striking feature. Their mass appeal lies most in adding a romantic and distinguished gemstone to your jewellery collection.

Facts about emeralds

  • Emeralds are a variety of beryl
  • They have a distinct and rich green colour (ranging from a bluish green to a yellowish green)
  • Emeralds are most commonly sold in the “emerald cut” because its large, flat table best showcases the green hue and the “step cut faceting” provides a different kind of sparkle and life than a brilliant cut
  • While their hardness score means they don’t scratch easily, emeralds nearly always have many inclusions which determine how fragile they are and the likelihood of breakage
  • Emeralds are treated with oils and resins that fill the fractures and reduce the chance of breakage to the stone

Tsavorite offers a brighter green and lends itself best to faceting for added brilliance. This stone is an excellent choice for people who want to enjoy a green gemstone with added durability and a bright, sparkling stone.

Facts about tsavorite

  • Tsavorites are a variety of garnet in a radiant green
  • They reflect light more brilliantly than emeralds due to its faceting structure
  • They can be sold in any cut that offers many facets for catching the light – oval and cushion cuts are most common
  • Tsavorite is inclusion-free and more
  • They are resistant to breakage than emerald
    because they don’t have inclusions, tsavorite doesn’t have to be treated with oils and resins
  • Tsavorite is more affordable than emerald

Breakage may be more of a concern for emeralds set in rings, but its prized distinctive colour cannot be matched by another gemstone. On the other hand, tsavorite exudes a brilliance and life that isn’t typically seen in an emerald, at a far more affordable price.

Both emerald and tsavorite offer beautiful greens for setting alone, wearing with diamonds, using as a striking centrepiece, or including in pavé settings along the ring’s band. Both of these stones look spectacular in an engagement ring design, be it classic or truly unique. If you wish to discuss your design ideas, have any questions, or want to discuss the benefits of emerald vs tsavorite, feel free to contact us to get expert advice.

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