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‘I didn’t want to just buy a ring. I wanted every little detail to mean something.’

Meet Alex & Alex. The two pilots met at an aviation conference back in 2019 and after a self-confessed game of ‘eye-tag’, the early days of their romance took flight. Fast forward three years and the pair celebrated their engagement surrounded by their nearest and dearest, and with a ring that symbolises the dizzy heights of both their love and their chosen careers.

Alexander remembers twiddling his thumbs after one of the conference events he was speaking at when he and Alexandra “finally locked eyes from across the room. It was one of those scenarios when the first time it’s coincidence. The second time, maybe she’s interested? Then by the third time–one of us needed to do something.”

By the time Alexander had plucked up the courage to approach Alexandra, she’d already left. The conference was coming to a close the next day and they thought they might have missed their chance.

The following evening was the final gala. Alexandra extended her trip to attend while Alexander agreed to attend despite he and his Air Force buddies being underdressed for the occasion, hoping to bump into Alexandra. But no luck. “I’m making laps around the gala and she’s nowhere to be seen so I decide it’s time to go. And just as I’m leaving, right across the dancefloor is Alexandra Johnson.” smiles Alexander.

The DJ was playing the aptly named Cupid Shuffle and with each move, they’d try to get closer to each other. Finally a mutual friend introduced the pair who chatted the night away and swapped numbers. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The following morning, they both had early flights to catch and Alexander fondly recalls sitting at the airport texting Alexandra and thinking “I think I might have met my wife.”

With their hectic schedules and often being hundreds of miles apart due to their careers and studies, they were initially hesitant to commit to anything more than friendship. But from that point on, the pair continued to get to know one another and formed a strong bond, catching up and keeping in touch via Facetime.

Then in 2021, both graduated and with the freedom to move around and visit each other as much as they’d like, Alex & Alex planned their first trip together. They went for a long weekend and embarked on their first official date to a lake with a picnic, listening to the water and the birds, soaking up the sunshine, sitting holding hands and Alexander recalls that same feeling he had at the airport a couple of years prior. In his words, “Yeah, I’m gonna marry this girl.”

Come Christmas Eve 2022, Alexander proposed to Alexandra.

Much to Alexandra’s surprise, her entire family was at Alexander’s family home on her arrival. Through happy tears having seen her family and clocking what was about to take place, Alexandra was led to the backyard where Alexander was waiting for her down on one knee.

“It felt like a lifetime for me. I was trying to shake off the nerves and I had a rehearsed speech I wanted to give her. But the second she started coming down the stairs, I couldn’t even remember my own name, so I just spoke from the heart.”


In his words, Alexander wanted to make the proposal moment special by adding his own touch, explaining, “I didn’t want to just buy a ring. I wanted every little detail to mean something. The biggest driver for the ring design was this flowy air theme. I wanted everything to feel natural and flow to symbolise our careers and how we met.”

Alexandra’s engagement ring features a brilliant cushion cut diamond with an asymmetric bypass diamond and light blue sapphire pavé band. The basket view even features a customised filigree pattern that represents the soft flows of a visualised air current. And while the blue also fits with the sky, air theme that makes the ring unique, it’s also Alexandra’s favourite colour.

The ring was perfectly finished with an aquamarine signature stone and an engraved inscription on the inside of the band, reading ’A&A always’. Alexander mentions that “the engraving was my promise to Alexandra. That I’ll always be there and care for her.”

And Alexandra’s favourite thing about the ring is the attention to detail Alexander paid to the design.

“I love the fact that you’ve really got to look at the ring to see all the details like the airy shapes underneath the ring and the blue sapphires. Alex did perfectly.”


It goes without saying that Alexandra said yes while their families watched on from the balcony, followed by family celebrations over the dinner table, Christmas music playing, everyone laughing and joking, while the pair held hands and soaked up the special moment.

Perfectly encapsulating the importance of the small things, we wish Alex & Alex the best for their next chapter–continuing to grow as a couple, spending more time together and taking advantage of the adventures that may present themselves in the future.

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