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Lily Collins’s rose cut diamond engagement ring

The Emily in Paris star Lily Collins recently became engaged to Charlie McDowell, on a romantic, sunny trip to New Mexico. McDowell designed the bespoke ring himself, with the help of a jewellery designer. The unusual engagement ring features a bezel set rose-cut diamond ring, set in 18ct gold with a chunky brushed band. The understated, bohemian style of this engagement ring perfectly suits Lily’s laid back style.


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I’ve been waiting my lifetime for you and I can’t wait to spend our lifetime together…

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Rose cut diamonds date back to the 16th century, and are typically found in vintage jewellery styles. The diamond shape’s facets remind us of a rose’s petals, which is how they got their name. Rose cut diamonds are hand carved by jewellers, making the gemstone quite rare and sentimental.

Bezel set rose cut diamond engagement ring set in yellow gold

A rose cut diamond bezel set in yellow gold

Lily’s chunky band and bezel set gemstone perfectly suits her busy, active lifestyle. The bezel set engagement ring is the most secure type of setting available, so her diamond is sure to not loosen!

We talk to our Head Designer, Maria Lalana, and get her expert opinion on what she estimates the cost of the engagement ring to be, and an insight into the craftsmanship that made it.

Lily’s ring appears to be a rose cut, bezel set in a bold gold band that suits her feminine, floral style. The diamond is unique given it’s an antique diamond cut, and quite large in size. Yellow gold is a great choice with a rose cut diamond, as it suits the overall warmth and softness of the ring. Due to the size and rarity of the diamond, I would estimate that a ring with similar characteristics would cost around £140,000

Maria Lalana, Head Designer

Take a look below at a selection of our collection rings inspired by Lily’s ring:

Sirius yellow gold ring

The Sirius

The Sirius ring features a cushion cut diamond bezel set in platinum. This engagement ring can be customised to create a thicker, chunkier band just like Lily’s.

The Purity ring bezel set

The Purity

If you liked the bezel set feature of Lily’s engagement ring, but not how chunky her band was, the purity ring features a cushion diamond delicately bezel set in platinum.

The Arcadia asscher yellow gold ring

The Arcadia

The Arcadia ring features an Asscher diamond, which is another vintage diamond and has some spectacular facets, much like a rose cut diamond.

Even though proposals centre around that one iconic question, they’re also an opportunity to express your love through more than just words. We’re often at our most creative when we find ways to let someone know how much they mean to us. Which is why we think every element of your engagement ring should have a meaning personal to you and your partner. After all, this might be your best chance to make the ultimate expression of love.

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