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“We realised that what we wanted out of life was each other.”

Dom & Julianna

If there were ever a story about real love that feels as though it were written in the stars, it’s the story of Dom and Julianna’s relationship. Having met as children, these two became high school sweethearts and, with strength and fate on their side, recently became engaged. 

When they began dating as high schoolers, the two would play pretend and talk about what type of ring Julianna wanted. ‘When you’re 16, it doesn’t matter. But those conversations stuck with us’, Dom explains, ‘I knew pretty early on that she wanted a vintage setting’. When it got time to start planning a real proposal, he began asking more questions about her tastes, determined to ‘get it right’.

The centre diamond belongs to Julianna’s step-mother, who passed away in 2019. She had wanted to give this token of her love and life to Dom because he knew how much it would mean to Juliana. ‘It was a huge honour to be able to take something that her step-mother wore and loved and turn it into a piece of jewellery for Julianna’. 

Dom took the diamond and designed a ring that was more aligned with Julianna’s style, while still referencing the original look of her step-mother’s heirloom ring. ‘It’s very special to have something that is so personal to me and my family, but also made for my specific style’, Julianna says.

The design includes two love knots that are hand engraved into either side of the solitaire ring’s band. These were a personal touch added by Dom, connecting their relationship to the love they shared as teenagers. Julianna tells us, ‘One of the first gifts he ever bought me was a cheap little love knot ring that I wore every day—I wore it until the day he proposed!’

Dom worked over several weeks on the digital 3D design of his ring, making sure all the details were just right before having it cast in metal. ‘It was so incredible to see the initial design and zoom in on the details of the 3D renders’, he recalls of his time working with his consultant. ‘Then when it was complete, seeing those delicate details when you hold it in your hand, was breathtaking. I went to pick up the ring with my closest friends and we were all very emotional.’

Dom took the same level of attention and care he put into his finacée’s ring as he did for the proposal. Following a helicopter tour of NYC that flew them over all the apartments they’ve lived in and their favourite neighbourhoods in the city, the couple went to the William Vale Hotel in Williamsburg.

Rose petals, music, and photos from their life together were waiting for Julianna to find out on the balcony of their room—and, to her surprise, so were all of their friends. ‘He got down on one knee, it was so special. We just popped champagne and partied in this hotel with all of our friends for the night. It couldn’t have been more perfect’.

Crafting Dom and Julianna’s ring was an experience that many of us at Taylor & Hart won’t soon forget. We think the best thing a piece of jewellery can do is truly reflect the spirit and love shared by a couple, and given their inspiring story we think Julianna and Dom have achieved just that. A big thanks to them for taking the time to chat with us and many congratulations!

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