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What is a hexagon diamond?

A hexagonal diamond is a six sided structure, offering a totally unique diamond shape. Known for their geometric lines and modern aesthetic, owners of hexagonal diamonds can be pretty sure that nobody else will have the same engagement ring as you.

What should I consider when choosing a hexagon diamond?

Hexagon diamonds are shapes of juxtaposition–they can be cut in two very different ways.

Brilliant cut hexagon diamonds possess an internal facet structure very similar to round or cushion shape diamonds. This facet arrangement results in a sparkling effect, which diamonds are so often admired for.

Step cut hexagon diamonds have a facet structure that resembles that of an emerald or Asscher shape. This cutting style features wider, open facets that create an optical illusion known as the “Hall of Mirrors”, in which the flashes of light draw your eye into the center of the stone.

Is there an ideal ratio for hexagonal diamonds?

When it comes to the ratio of a hexagon diamond, the choice really is yours. The shape can either be a more traditional, square-like ratio of 1 (shown on the left of the image below) or a more elongated shape (shown right below)–depending on your desired aesthetic.


hexagonal diamond ratio

Why should I choose a hexagon diamond?

While hexagonal shape diamonds rarely feature in jewelry collections, their geometric and modern aesthetic will attract those looking for something a little unique, while retaining the tradition and prestige associated with diamond engagement rings.

A perfect shape for those wanting something unique.

This striking shape can be seen in both diamonds and colored gemstones alike.

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