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About Our Natural Diamonds

The diamonds you’ll find in this diamond search can be purchased as a loose diamond, or set into an engagement ring or jewelry piece.

All of the natural diamonds listed here are GIA graded, certified, and have come from suppliers who’ve met our stringent ethical and sustainability standards. Images, videos, and sourcing locations are available upon request depending on the natural diamond you’ve selected. Just get in touch with us and we’ll get you the info you need!

When shopping for a natural diamond, it’s always best to first consider the diamond shape you’re after and then set a price point that works for you. Once you’ve selected your diamond shape, it’s time to find the most brilliant natural diamond (measured by the diamond’s proportions and cut grade) at the best carat weight within your price point. Once you’ve covered shape, carat weight, and brilliance, you can consider which of these mined diamonds has the best color and clarity. Your diamond consultant can advise on these characteristics (or you can read up on them here).

The natural mined diamonds listed in our search tool have all been inspected by our buyers to confirm they’re eye clean, meaning they don’t have any natural inclusions that are easily visible to the naked eye. We also check our real diamonds for their brilliance and lustre, as we believe all our natural diamond engagement rings and diamond jewellery should have the maximum possible fire and sparkle.

Because we ensure our natural diamonds are each checked twice-over once you place our order, you can rest assured that the earth mined diamond you select will be your diamond for life. We know it’s the little things like this that make all the difference, and that’s why we’ve made love our life’s work.

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