The emerald cut is an elegant diamond shape. While initially created for emeralds, it became a popular diamond cut back in the 14th century. Its long facets and large table are a window into its mesmerizing beauty. That’s likely why its popularity hasn’t decreased in over 700 years.

The emerald cut is commanding. Instead of the brilliance and sparkle you’re used to with round or cushion diamonds, you’ll see flashes of light in the emerald cut. This effect is known as the “Hall of Mirrors”.

When choosing a setting for your emerald cut, you could consider the soft curves of an organic-inspired design. This juxtaposition works well to balance its clean, geometric lines. Alternatively, stick to its linear structure and choose an Art Deco inspired design to maintain the structural look of an emerald cut.

Due to the openness of the emerald cut, there’s no place for inclusions to hide. Because of this, we recommend a VS1 clarity grade or higher.

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