The stunning Marquise cut diamond dates back to 18th century France. King Louis XV ordered royal jewelers to cut diamonds to resemble the lips of his lover, Marquise de Pompadour. Its curved, elongated shape features pointed ends, making it appear larger than cuts of the same carat weight.

A Marquise diamond should have 56 facets, usually cut at a 2.00 ratio, making its length roughly twice the size of its width. When set in a ring, this ratio provides the ideal balance and elegance.

marquise cut diamond ratio

Some Marquise shaped diamonds may have a bow-tie effect which occurs when light doesn’t bounce into the middle of the diamond because of the way the diamond is cut. While most agree that this is part of a Marquise diamond’s beauty, a severe effect is undesirable. All of our diamonds are hand-inspected to ensure they do not possess a strongly visible bow-tie effect.

Marquise diamonds can be set vertically or horizontally. Most rings feature a vertical placement, set in the more traditional north-south setting. This can make fingers appear longer and more slender. However, Actresses Catherine Zeta-Jones and Portia de Rossi both wear east-west Marquise engagement rings.

This cut has a strong presence, one that will certainly stand out on her finger. Its unique shape demands to be the center of attention.