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Introducing the Arise Collection

Designed to sit perfectly next to your engagement ring

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Finding your engagement ring's perfect match

Most people want their engagement and wedding rings to sit flawlessly together. But what if your engagement ring isn’t designed to sit flush next to a wedding ring? Whether your ring has a large centre stone, an intricate basket, or an ornate diamond halo, a curved wedding band can be a great solution.

Introducing the Arise Collection: a selection of curved, v-shaped, and chevron style rings that will make your bridal set feel like a perfect match. These handmade wedding rings are available in platinum, white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold, and come in either eternity ring or plain shaped ring styles. Perfect for complementing the shimmering centre gemstone of a solitaire ring, or creating a stacked effect alongside a bold trilogy diamond ring, the Arise Collection is all about finding ‘the one’.

Plus, having a fitted wedding ring will keep your rings from wearing against each other, which can otherwise cause gradual damage to your ring‘s band over time.

These are rings to last a lifetime—shouldn’t they be soulmates, too?

The Arise Collection: inspired by Earth's peaks & valleys

Mountains, the mightiest of nature’s creation, give us the knowledge that the world is a bolder and brighter place with your partner by your side.

Our Arise Collection is inspired by the majestic peaks and breath-taking valleys of mountain ranges, as a way of reflecting the strength and surety of two souls in love.

We reach the summit of life when we join our heart with another—a notion expressed through these rings’ rhythmic and fluctuating shapes. Plus, the way your wedding band hugs tightly to your engagement ring represents the support of your loving partner and the unique trust that comes with marriage.

What else but love could give us the courage to conquer mountains?

printable ring matcher

You should feel as confident when choosing your wedding ring as you did when you said ‘yes’. And we’ve got just the thing to help you pick the perfect shaped wedding ring, all from the comfort of home.

To start playing matchmaker with your engagement ring, follow these simple steps, or watch the video below:

  1. Download the PDF below
  2. In your printer’s settings, either set the print scale to 100% or select “Do not scale” 
  3. Print!
  4. Cut out the wedding ring guide and roll into a cylinder
  5. Slide your engagement ring onto the cylinder and find its perfect match

Using our simple ring sizer, you’ll be able to see how your engagement ring sits alongside any of our curved wedding bands. Nothing should get in the way of ensuring you find a shaped wedding band that’s the perfect fit.

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