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Jewellery Mavericks: An interview with Gem Breakfast

The next guest in our Jewellery Mavericks series is the enthusiastic gem lover and vibrant entrepreneur Catherine Cason, founder of the blog Gem Hunt and the online jewellery store Gem Breakfast. In fact Catherine is so devoted to her passion that she has set herself on a mission to educate and inspire similarly minded individuals so that they become more vocal about the jewellery they own and like. This is what she calls the #DiamondTribe – a virtual haven for gem addicts.

Read what Catherine Cason thinks about custom design in part two of our Mavericks interviews.

Who was your greatest influence in shaping your taste in jewellery? Do you remember when and how your passion was kindled?

It really started when I got engaged. I received an Asscher cut engagement ring – I fell in love! From there I spent hours upon hours learning about the cut, and different ways to set it. It really ignited my interest in fine jewellery. In doing my research I discovered so many cool indie jewellers on Instagram and I think I was hooked for life!

You can wear only one piece of jewellery for the rest of your life, what piece do you choose and why?

My engagement ring of course! It’s an Asscher cut which I love because when you look into them it feels like you are looking into infinity. I could stare at it forever and it of course it holds special meaning to me.


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What are the biggest trends you’re currently seeing in the jewellery industry?

I think openness to different materials is the biggest trend. I am seeing a lot more acceptance and success of designers using moissanite. Also the alternative bridal movement and use of brown, champagne, montana sapphires or salt and pepper diamonds. It seems people are just more open to unique and different material when it comes to their rings.

Is custom-designed jewellery a trend or is it to stay? What are the advantages of custom pieces to off-the-shelf ones?

I think custom-designed jewellery is here to stay. With something that is so important, so special, and plays often a ceremonial role in our lives people will always be looking for ways to make that feel personal. I love custom jewellery because it really gives the designer the ability to be creative and showcase their work and the client the ability to truly get a piece with a rich importance to them.

Are there any rules the soon-to-be-married should follow when designing the dream engagement ring or should they be led by imagination only?

I don’t really like rules, so no one should follow the rules! Follow your heart! Although I do believe in a few subtle jeweller tricks, like if you have warm coloured diamond, set it in rose gold or yellow gold. Super clean white stones I think look best in white gold or platinum.

I also don’t think people pay enough attention to the prongs! They can make or break a piece for me, and I would definitely get specific with your jeweller on them when designing your ring!


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What are the most common misconceptions in the jewellery industry you believe first time buyers have?

I think first- time buyers are naturally suspicious of jewellers. But I would say, you educate yourself, ask questions and go with someone with a good reputation that you get a good feeling from. Most of us are the good guys and just want to make beautiful jewellery and make you happy and the most important thing is you have a transparent relationship with your jeweller!

Visit the possibilities of custom to see how ring designs can be personalised and to learn more on the Asscher cut, like Catherine’s, visit our Asscher cut guidance page.

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