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Precious Gemstones at Taylor & Hart: Unrivalled Quality

When it comes to selecting the perfect gemstone, compromise should never be part of the equation.

At Taylor & Hart, we want you to have a gemstone that illuminates for a lifetime, which is why our gemstone quality stands a cut above the rest. While our price points may be slightly higher than those of our competitors, the exceptional quality and service that we offer make it an investment well justified. Let’s explore why:

1. The Art of Curation

In the world of gemstones, finding “the one” goes beyond just appearance. It’s about the nuanced play of light, the symphony of colour, tones and hues, and the emotional resonance it evokes. It’s often said that you don’t choose the gemstone, the gemstone chooses you and sometimes upon first glance, there’s a feeling that it’s meant to be.

At Taylor & Hart, we aren’t just a jewellery company; we’re your personal gemstone concierge service. Our in-house Gemstone and Diamond Specialists possess an unparalleled skill and passion for their craft. They meticulously curate a portfolio boasting thousands of diamonds and gemstones, each handpicked to align with our stringent quality guidelines and policies. Whether it’s the exact colour tone, shape, or clarity you seek, our procurement experts listen attentively to your requirements, ensuring that the options presented are nothing short of perfection.

2. From Mine to Market

One of our most prized gems (pun intended) is Maneesha, our Gemstone Buyer. With over five years of dedicated service, Maneesha and her all-female team allow us to source sapphires directly from the mines and bustling markets of the renowned city of gems, Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. This direct access to the heart of the gemstone supply chain enables us to handpick the finest sapphires that nature has to offer.

3. Elevating Quality Standards

When you invest in a Taylor & Hart gemstone, you’re investing in unparalleled quality. Our stringent standards are non-negotiable, ensuring that every gemstone that graces our portfolio is a masterpiece in its own right. We have established a two-fold inspection process, where our skilled procurement team assesses each gemstone twice over to ensure we’re happy to recommend it.

This rigorous evaluation takes three crucial factors into consideration:


Our gemstones boast unparalleled transparency and are masterfully cut. We exclude cloudy or milky stones to ensure that the light can reflect to optimise sparkle and the cut of facets of the stone are crisp, creating a mesmerising energy and liveliness throughout the stone when the light catches and refracts through it.


The precision of gemstone cutting is an art form, and we refuse to compromise on this aspect. While absolute perfection is rare, that’s widely considered the beauty of a gemstone. Our gemstones will exhibit symmetrical proportions from every angle to the naked eye, a testament to the craftsmanship that went into their creation.


A flawless gemstone is rare–in fact just 1% of the world’s gemstones and diamonds are internally flawless, but that’s precisely why we appreciate the natural beauty of gemstones.

Often referred to as the stone’s birthmarks, the majority of gemstones will feature small imperfections known as ‘inclusions’ or ‘clarity characteristics’ that depending on their size, colour and placement will help a grader determine a gemstone’s quality.

While the majority of gemstones will inevitably feature some level of inclusions, our commitment is to ensure that any inclusions are invisible to the naked eye. We go the extra mile, meticulously inspecting each gem to ensure that any imperfections are strategically placed and exclude the surface or girdle of the gemstone, preserving the stone’s structural integrity. The only exception to this rule is for emeralds, which are typically heavily-included, an attribute that is widely considered as part of their charm.

Below you’ll see two examples of sapphires that demonstrate varying quality grades–you’ll see that the first exhibits inclusions on the surface of the stone which are highlighted in red. You’ll also notice that the first sapphire isn’t displaying the same amount of energy or life in terms of its facets reflecting back light, known as lustre.

The first sapphire is an example of a gemstone that wouldn’t pass our quality standards, even though it may look attractive from a distance. The second sapphire is one that displays excellent symmetry and lustre and doesn’t display any visible inclusions.

At first glance, our prices may be higher than other brands, but ultimately, you get what you pay for. Sourcing your gemstone with Taylor & Hart means the highest quality standards, personalised service, and the most mesmerising gemstones that’ll stand the test of time.

Our elevated price point isn’t just a figure; it’s a reflection of the dedication, expertise, and uncompromising standards that go into every facet of our gemstone sourcing and curation process.

We invite you to step into a world where beauty meets authenticity, and where each gemstone is a testament to your extraordinary love story.

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