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A guide to men’s engagement rings

Engagement rings for men are becoming the new normal, meaning that absolutely everyone can have this deeply meaningful token of love to treasure for the rest of their lives. For those who are unfamiliar to those who have already begun planning their proposal to the man of their dreams, we’ve put together a guide to the wonderful world of men’s engagement rings to help you find the perfect ring.

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A guide to upcycling jewellery and family heirlooms

When customers come to us with an old piece laden with sentimental value, many are excited to learn that recycling the gold is a possibility. And recycled gold isn’t just an environmentally-friendly option for a new piece, it’s one of the most beautiful ways to honour your family’s past while creating a future together.

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Photographing your engagement ring: the definitive guide

Getting that perfect glittering, luminous, and flattering shot of your engagement ring can be trickier than you think. How do you avoid dull lighting and awkward poses? We’ve been in the wedding ring selfie game for years, and have rounded up our top five tips for getting an immaculate shot. Forget splashing out on a professional photographer, you can follow our definitive guide for taking a flawless self-portrait of your diamond ring.

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