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Posts in “Guidance & Education”

Redefining the Rules of Engagement: The History of Proposals

Proposals are a bit bizarre, aren’t they? What’s with the getting down on one knee thing? Who said it’s got to be a diamond ring? Why don’t women propose? The theatrics behind proposals have reached an all-time high, so it’s time that we take a deep dive into history to discover the past, present, and future of the ‘rules of engagement’.

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Stacking Rings: Top Five Life Milestones to Commemorate With a Ring

We need to talk. You’ve seen it on Instagram. You’ve seen it adorning the hands of that one really cool barista at your coffee shop. Nowadays it seems like we all have that one friend who’s got her shabby-chic cosy-glam vibes down to an art. How does she do it? Pretty easily, it turns out! If you haven’t guessed, we’re talking about ✨stacking rings✨

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