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Taylor & Hart reveals their latest tube campaign

taylor and hart oxford circus tube campaign

After months of brand development and refinement, we’re excited to finally share our brand vision. This vision embodies our core values and guides everything we do.

With this one short excerpt, we hope to capture the imaginations of lovers across the globe, who, like us, think jewellery should be a personal reflection of themselves.

Are you wearing someone else’s engagement ring?

Since the beginning of civilisation we’ve used jewellery to define who we are. Our beliefs, friendships, our family and our bonds.
Jewellery wasn’t just decoration. It was storytelling.
And then we stopped creating it for ourselves.
We bought jewellery off the shelf. It was no longer our story. It became the jewellers’.
Who we bought it from became more important than the story it told.
At Taylor & Hart, we believe an engagement ring isn’t just a precious gift.
It should be a mark of your relationship, how you came together and fell in love. A story that can be handed down.
A ring no one else will be wearing.
Our years of experience have taught us that jewellery shouldn’t be about compromise.
Created from the finest materials and ethically-sourced precious gemstones and diamonds, our rings are exceptionally crafted, at a fair price.
Your relationship isn’t off the shelf, why should your engagement ring be?
taylor and hart liverpool street campaign (2)
taylor and hart tube campaign

We’ve expressed this vision into our latest tube campaign, currently positioned at hundreds of London underground locations around our vibrant capital. It’s hoping to catch the eyes of lovers who want to capture their story, in the form of a beautifully crafted custom ring.

After all, we’re storytellers at heart.

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