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Which engagement ring is right for your zodiac sign?

Can your astrological sign guide you to the right engagement ring?

Aries: The Reverie Ring

Strengths: daring, fearless, strong, optimistic, impassioned

For the ever-hopeful and optimistic Aries, we recommend our Reverie ring made with a light and airy emerald cut diamond. This unique trilogy engagement ring features a centre stone held in double eagle claws, flanked by twin trapezoid cut diamonds. The result is a trilogy bursting with scintillation, and we think the long flashes of light created by the diamonds’ step cuts echo the fearlessness of an Aries’ spirit.

Taurus: The Cassia Ring

Strengths: caring, steadfast, dedicated, patient, kind

The true mark of a Taurus is their dedication to others. They have a caring and trustworthy heart, which is what makes a Taurus such a treasured lifelong partner. To represent the way Tauruses form strong and lasting bonds with their partners, we’ve chosen the Cassia to pair with this star sign. The ring’s twisting band and basket represents the intertwining of two souls, while the dainty micro diamond pavé maximises sparkle.

Gemini: The Fleur Ring

Strengths: fast learner, adaptable, inquisitive, caring, sympathetic

Geminis are known for their curious minds and open hearts. They often know how to find the beauty in every emotion and tend to their relationships like a garden, using their emotional sensitivity and inquisitive nature to bring out the best in those they love. As such, we think our Fleur ring would be perfect for a Gemini as the intricate and organic design reflects their desire to let love flourish.

Cancer: The Crush Ring

Strengths: deep-feeling, opinionated, enjoys expressing ideas, daydreamer, loyal

A Cancer feels every emotion right down to their core. No feeling goes unexamined and no passing thought goes unexpressed. A Cancer is someone who chooses their relationships carefully, but once they’ve fallen in love they’re the most loyal people on earth. To reflect the depth of a Cancer’s love, we’ve chosen the Crush ring. This solitaire engagement ring features a bevel shaped band dotted with clusters of pavé diamonds that resemble the peaks and valleys of ocean waves.

Leo: The Lantana Ring

Strengths: entertaining, bold, passionate, helpful, creative

Bold and fierce as lions, Leos are unabashedly expressive and have the innate ability to light up any room they enter. Often the life of the party, Leos are also deeply passionate about the things they care about, making them strong and devoted partners. A Leo would best suit our Lantana ring, as the centre diamond is flanked by clusters of marquise diamonds that explode with energy and light.

Virgo: The Nutmeg Ring

Strengths: loyal, hardworking, detailed, systematic, loving

One of the newest rings in our collection, the Nutmeg is one of our only designs to feature a unique east-west setting. By placing a marquise diamond on its side, this setting is symbolic of wide horizons and new beginnings. As such, we think it’s the perfect engagement ring for a Virgo who celebrates their love by planning for the future and growing alongside their partner.

Libra: The Symphony Ring

Strengths: team player, generous, social, peacemaker, grateful

Anyone in a relationship with a Libra knows that this star sign is beloved for their ability to see the best in all situations, their generous spirit, and their passion for equality. We want to celebrate Libras with our Symphony ring. This solitaire design has a split shank that diverges into two diamond-encrusted bands, embodying the way a Libra loves sharing both the highs and lows of life with their partner.

Scorpio: The Stella Ring

Strengths: a true friend, strong willed, determined, introspective, brave

Scorpios are known for their strength of spirit and determination to make the most out of love and life. A Scorpio will do everything in their power to make their partner feel loved, which is why they have such a bold presence in our lives. There’s only one ring that can match the vitality of a Scorpio, and that’s the Stella. With a double diamond halo and pavé split shank, this ring isn’t afraid to shine.

Sagittarius: The Tamora Ring

Strengths: romantic, utopian, funny, confident, hopeful

A Sagittarius is like a ray of sunshine, able to brighten the world around them while trailing a sense of hope wherever they go. This optimistic and humorous star sign reminds us of the Tamora ring, a solitaire and diamond cluster engagement ring that was inspired by the positivity and creativity of nature.

Capricorn: The Thyme Ring

Strengths: strong leader, resourceful, dedicated, wants to bring out the best in others

A Capricorn loves nothing more than to bring out the best in others and will use their tenacious and inquisitive mind to find a way out of any problem. They often feel the most in love when supporting their partner and find romance in dedication. The Thyme ring is perfect for a Capricorn, as this solitaire ring features a hidden halo of pavé diamonds meant to symbolise a supportive relationship.

Aquarius: The Sugar Ring

Strengths: independent, loves their community, authentic, open minded, original

An Aquarius is a one-of-a-kind-soul who loves nothing more than to try new things with their partner. They cherish family and community, and are gifted at bringing people together in the name of love. To mark their most important relationship, we think an Aquarius should go with the Sugar as this ring’s bright prongless setting signifies unity and wholeness.

Pisces: The Neptune Ring

Strengths: creative, empathetic, artistic, free spirit, prioritises human connection

Creative energy flows from this water sign without restraint, making them highly artistic and empathetic partners. A Pisces values their relationships above all else and is always looking for new ways to express their love. As such, the Neptune ring is perfect for a Pisces because it features an intricate halo decorated with milgrain and bead bright diamond pavé, matching this star sign’s free spirit.

Still looking for inspiration? Check out our full collection to find an engagement ring so perfect it feels like it was written in the stars.

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