With an incredible 70 facets, the radiant cut is one of the most brilliant diamond shapes available today. It’s a new cut, created just over 30 years ago by master diamond cutter Henry Grossbard. Grossbard wanted to combine the best elements of the emerald and round brilliant cuts.

True to its name, this cut is truly radiant. While the octagonal shape and cropped corners do make it similar to the emerald cut, the faceting is reminiscent of the round brilliant cut. This combination gives the radiant considerable fire and sparkle.

Though the radiant has only been available for a short time, it has quickly increased in popularity. You’ll always find the radiant listed in the top ten most popular diamond cuts.

Radiants are the ideal cut for coloured diamonds. Due to its faceting structure, this cut provides a depth which emphasises the colour tones of any diamond.

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