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Double Halo Engagement Ring Guide


What is a double halo engagement ring?

A double halo refers to the placement of two concentric circles of smaller stones around a centre diamond or gemstone–essentially two rows of smaller gemstones that hug the centre stone.

A double halo enhances the overall appearance and brilliance of the ring. The two rows of smaller diamonds surrounding the centre stone create a halo effect, amplifying its sparkle and creating a visually impactful piece of jewellery.

This design style offers depth, dimension, and a touch of exuberance to the ring, making it a popular choice for those seeking a captivating look for their engagement ring design. And for the romantics among us, some say that a double halo style encapsulates the sun’s rays as they radiate away from its centre, casting glorious flashes of light in every direction.


What are the pros of a double halo ring?

A double halo offers several advantages that make it a popular choice amongst lovers.  Here are some of the pros of a double halo:

Enhanced Brilliance

There’s no doubt that a double halo enhances the overall scintillation and brilliance of the ring. With so many small diamonds or gemstones almost dusted across the design, when viewed under light, especially natural light, this style reflects and refracts light like a disco ball.

Illusion of Size

The double halo design can create an illusion of a larger centre stone. The ‘halos’ of diamonds increase the surface of the finger that’s covered, making the centre stone appear larger and more substantial than it is.

This is a particularly savvy way for those who desire a bolder or more substantial look without the need for a heavier and therefore, more expensive centre stone.


Customisation Options

The double halo style is incredibly flexible. Customisations can be made on almost every design element–from different gemstone combinations, sizes and shapes to different metal settings or band styles. 

When you think of a double halo design, it’s likely you’ll immediately think of a design that features a round or oval shaped diamond, but double halo designs can feature almost any stone shape to achieve unique and symbolic appearance.

Timeless Elegance

Double halo engagement rings are timeless. Dating back to the Georgia era, this style has been favoured by jewellery enthusiasts for centuries for its traditional elegance and enduring beauty.


What are the cons of a double halo ring?

While double halo engagement rings offer many advantages, there are, of course, a few considerations to take into account:


The intricate design of a double halo means that dirt and debris can easily build up in its details, making it a little tricky to keep clean. The more stones a ring has, the more metal prongs and claws there are to keep clean. We recommend cleaning your ring every few weeks following our at-home cleaning routine and sending in for its complimentary care package inspection once a year.

Greater Potential to Damage

As mentioned, the more stones a ring has, the more intricate little details like claws and settings there are on the ring, which can easily be snagged on clothing or hair.

As with all rings, we recommend removing them when cleaning, playing sports, anything that involves heavy hand-usage where your hand is likely to knock or snag on something. A double halo engagement ring mightn’t be the best choice for those with a heavily active lifestyle or for those whose hands are in frequent contact with surfaces that could knock or snag the ring.


Cost Considerations

Double halo engagement rings typically require a higher number of diamonds or gemstones compared to a traditional solitaire or single halo design. This can lead to increased costs due to the additional materials and labor involved in creating the ring. 

Potential for Overwhelming Appearance

Don’t go so big that you overwhelm your centre stone. It’s easy to get carried away with a double halo, and while there’s flexibility in the size of the diamonds you use on the halo of your design, they’re intended to complement your centre diamond, not upstage it.

Ultimately, choosing the right engagement ring should be based on individual taste, price point, and long-term wearability.


Which celebrities wear double halo engagement rings?

The allure of the double halo certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed by Hollywood’s elite. Stars such as Cardi B and Ashley Tisdale, both wear double halo engagement ring designs. Cardi B’s design features a pear diamond surrounded with a white diamond halo followed by a pink diamond halo surrounding the head of the ring, while Tisdale’s design features an elongated cushion cut diamond centre surrounded by two halos of radiant white diamonds.

Go bold and be inspired by the double halo designs.



Celestial – Double Halo Oval Engagement ring

In ancient times diamonds were thought to be splinters from the stars. In creating our Celestial ring we hoped to make a design that felt as though it had fallen from the heavens, bringing with it the magic of the night sky. This handmade engagement ring features a double halo design set in platinum, with a centrepiece oval diamond that has been expertly cut with the highest level of craftsmanship in order to maximise its stunning sparkle. The unique double halo is made of two rows of fishtail diamond pavé that emphasise the oval diamond ring’s impact and presence. The oval halo is also functional as the rows of diamonds protect the precious centre stone. The ultra slim 1.8mm pavé set band and matching halos make this solitaire engagement ring feel like something plucked from the Milky Way.


Celestial - Double oval halo engagement ring

Genesis – Double Halo Round Engagement Ring

Our Genesis halo engagement ring takes the concept of the birth of the universe to diamond dazzling dimensions. Set in 18ct yellow gold, the inner halo of fancy-intense yellow diamonds and the outer halo of icy white diamonds majestically frame the diamond centre. The split shank elegantly wraps around the double halo and focuses your gaze on the impressive display of diamonds. Be inspired by the Big Bang with the Genesis!


Round Double Halo Engagement Ring

Aflutter – Double Halo Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Like a heart that flutters when near to the one it loves most, the Aflutter ring is all about the unseen thrills of love. This 18ct yellow gold engagement ring is much more than a simple solitaire ring. Nestled under the centre cushion diamond’s girdle are two rows of diamond pavé that make up this contemporary engagement ring’s double halo. A single curving line of 18ct yellow gold fashions the minimalist shank and shoulders, also encrusted in diamond pavé. The real beauty of this ring lies in its floating basket: a rolling bar of 18ct yellow gold that allows the round centre diamond to fly airily above the finger, catching as much light as possible in its facet structure.



Cushion cut double halo engagement ring

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