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Behind the Design: Tatiana & Eve

For Tatiana & Eve, it was clear their relationship was special from the get go. Having met on a dating app, the two went on their first date in a Los Angeles park. They ate Thai food and cupcakes, played games and bonded over family. It was an instant connection.

From that moment on, they promised not to let their distance come between them. Despite living over two thousand miles apart, Tatiana would travel from Chicago to California every month to visit Eve and they grew closer, taking their time getting to know each other, and made things official in 2022. And just over two years after their very first date, they’re inseparable and happily engaged.

Both nature lovers, Tatiana surprised Eve with a weekend trip to a remote cabin and set up a magical proposal in a tent lit by candlelight and all of the rustic accessories to match the setting.

“I always knew I wanted to make Eve my wife,” reveals Tatiana. “[We] share a deep love and respect for our families and it was so beautiful to see how well she meshed with mine—like she was always meant to be a part of it.”

So, how was this engagement ring design so perfect for Eve?

“Eve and I collaborated on the initial ring design” explains Tatiana, which perfectly demonstrates the marked shift we’re seeing towards couple collaboration. When it comes to creating a ring, both the person proposing and the person being proposed to have a role to play. Tatiana adds that she “chose all the final details of the design as a surprise to her—I wanted to create something just as stunning and unique as Eve.”

When we first started dating, I would always buy her sunflowers because they were unique, bright and happy just like her. The ring is inspired by a sunflower…the end result is gorgeous!


The design is incredibly intricate and an ode to the subtle and sentimental details of love shared between the couple. Taking inspiration from the sunflower form, the ring features a beautifully cut radiant centre diamond with a fanning halo of marquise diamonds around it, almost like petals held securely in place with icy platinum settings. All of this sits proudly on a warm 18ct yellow gold diamond pavé band.

Working with Tatiana was a joy from day one. It just goes to show how you can weave a symbolic moment from your relationship into a truly amazing design to be treasured for a lifetime. Not only was it a great creative process, they’re also such an amazing couple that their energy radiates through the ring.

Julie, Design Consultant

As for the engraving, while Tatiana and Eve would prefer to keep it a secret detail only the two of them know about, they did let us know that it ties back to the number four which is significant to them as a couple.

The number four shows up for us all the time in places and it symbolises love, support and stability. It was encouraging for us as a queer couple to see that and know that our love is stronger than anything life throws at us.


We wish Tatiana & Eve a lifetime full of adventure and milestone moments together.

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