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“I knew it would all be okay because she started to smile”

taylor and hart customer love story

One of our favourite couples who embarked on the bespoke process together share their love story. We speak to both Andrew & Forrest to hear more about their journey.

How did you meet?

“We actually met five years ago in our freshman year at college, at a church we both went to at the time. Andrew was studying accounting and I was studying nursing.”

What was the moment you knew he was the one?

“For me, I knew he was the one soon after we started dating and Andrew transferred to a school three hours away. I think it was then that I realised I had to be with him. That’s when it really hit me.”

Do you have a favourite memory of a time you shared together?

“It was while we were living apart in the fall just before we got engaged, I went up to Nashville and we went to a pumpkin patch – it was beautiful weather and we had the most fun day together.”

We treasured every moment we had together while we were living apart.


taylor and hart happy customer engagement ring copy

What is it about your partner that makes you smile?

“He’s the funniest person I know, which everyone loves. He’s one of the nicest people, he’s kind, humble and smart. Just, I mean, I could go on and on.”

“She’s got the sweetest personality that you could imagine. She’s so unassuming and she doesn’t ruffle feathers – she wants to go with the flow. Yeah, she’s such a hard worker. I see it every day – around the apartment. She cooks me dinner which is the biggest part, right?”

taylor and hart customer love story

Photography by Denise Stock

What was most important to you when designing your engagement ring?

“Well, I mean I know rings are the most important thing for a girl. They might not say it, but they want a ring they can be proud of that they can show off to their friends. They’re not being boastful about it, they just want other people to be excited with them so knew it needed to be exactly right.

taylor and hart engagement ring

Photography by Denise Stock

“So I let Forrest take the reigns on the ring and she designed her own. She didn’t know when she was getting it or when I was buying it, but I let her design it because I knew it would mean a lot for her to get exactly what she wanted.”

How did you propose?

“I came home one weekend at our favourite time of year, fall. It was a little cool out and we went to a park in our hometown where we always go to walk. We took a picnic and found a secluded spot by a stream. I think she started to realise what was about to happen – obviously she didn’t want to come out and say it and ruin the surprise.”

I was like ‘how do I start this?’ It was a pretty nerve-wracking experience, but once I began, I knew it would all be ok because she started to smile.


taylor and hart happy customer engagement ring2

How do you feel about the finished ring?

Oh, I absolutely love my ring. It’s perfect.

taylor and hart customer love stories

Photography by Denise Stock

My design consultant did an amazing job, right down to the style of claws that are set around my diamond. I’ve gotten so many compliments on it, it’s so sparkly and so unique.

What is the thing you’ve always dreamed of doing together?

We love travelling – we got married in Germany, but our families weren’t there so it would be amazing to travel with them. London is actually next on our list!

wedding love story

Photography by Denise Stock


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