“I couldn’t really think of life in any other way. There’s only one way to go from there.”

We caught up with one of our favourite couples Adam & Will, to find out more about the bespoke ring Adam created to propose to Will. We hear about their wonderful love story, and the inspiration behind Will’s beautiful rose gold, emerald ring.

How did you both first meet?

A: We met through a mutual friend, I knew her from college at the time, and it was her birthday. We went out for a night out on the town, and we were both invited. She promised us she wasn’t trying to set us up, but it clocked the second I walked in. I wasn’t that happy about it! I asked her why she would set us up when I had absolutely no chance…

How long ago was that?

A: Oh god, six or seven years…?

When did you know you wanted to propose?

A: Honestly, it probably wasn’t that long after we met.

W: Well you moved into mine after a year!

A: Yeah, I don’t know, I couldn’t really think of life in any other way. There’s only one way to go from there isn’t there?

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When you decided to create a ring, did you have any idea of what he wanted? I believe Will didn’t know?

A: No you didn’t have any idea, did you.

W: No, I shopped around but a lot of engagement rings are quite dainty and feminine and I wanted something a bit more masculine.

Absolutely. The engagement ring market is mostly geared towards women, so it’s hard to find a masculine ring that’s also quite expressive like yours.

W: Yeah that’s true, all masculine rings seem to be the same way, I suppose men aren’t really that interested.

So tell me more about your ring design, about how that came about.

A: We shopped around a bit, and what we liked about Taylor & Hart is that the rings are completely customisable, you can design what you want. I think not long before that we had just went on a day trip to the Dolaucothi gold mines in Wales, as this is where all the rose gold comes from in England. It is the same gold that they use for the royal family. There was a rose gold ring in the shop and Will seemed pretty taken with the colour.

I chose emeralds because they are his favourite colour, green. I came up with a basic design after that and Kate was fantastic. She brought the ring to life and made exactly what I had pictured, it was great.

W: It was perfect, yeah. It was really expressive, as well. Anyone who saw the ring would say, that was made for you. And it was!

bespoke ring, rose gold, emeralds

So do you wear your ring often? Everyday?

W: No, I don’t wear it often. I’ve still got the box it came in, so I put it back when I’m not wearing it. I take it out on special occasions, and when I want to show it off. A lot of people question why I am not wearing it! But I love it so much, I don’t want to tarnish it! So, I have an everyday version of the ring.

I do love your ring, it’s very expressive and I love the colour combination of the rose gold and the emerald.

W: Yeah, it looks good and it keeps together really well, I love it. I love the design, especially the pattern on the side. The celtic design is a beautiful sentiment.

rose gold bespoke engagement ring emeralds

It is very celtic, actually. Which is so much of Britain, I feel.
So, do you both know when you are getting married? Have you started to plan that?

A: We have tried. We don’t know what year, but we have picked a month. We recently bought a house as soon as we got engaged, so we have been sorting out the house basically. We haven’t had a chance to think about the wedding, but we have loads of time.

I mean it’s interesting, because I feel like so many people don’t follow this linear trajectory of relationships. We have a lot of customers who buy a house together, who have kids together, and then they get married. We find that the customers who buy a house or a flat find the process all consuming, it slows things down! It’s all about priorities.

W: Exactly. But you know, we are planning the wedding slowly as well!

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What is the month that you both have chosen?

A: June!

For the both of you, what is your favourite memory of a time you each spent together?

W: I think my favourite memory was actually not too long after we got together, like two or three weeks, it was early in the relationship. I just remember I was trying to go to sleep, and you came and kissed the back of my head and you said that you loved me. I was thinking, oh my god he said he loved me, just pretend to be asleep! I didn’t know what to do!

A: I’m glad you didn’t do anything, and just pretended to be asleep.

W: I didn’t let him know that I heard that until a year or two later.

A: I was hurt, because I tried to make a big deal of telling him the first time, but he had heard it before!

What did you think about it the next day?

W: Well, I just knew that he was the one. I knew that he loved me!

Adam, what about your memory?

A: I suppose I would choose all of them if I could! But I think it was meeting your family. I don’t have a big family at all, family functions for me are like 5 people at a table. You have a hoard, a clan! They are all amazing and lovely. It’s a different energy, a house full of people and kids, and they are busy. It’s great.

W: Yeah, they love you!

So Adam, what is it about Will that makes you smile?

A: Hmm. His smile, his real one though, not the fake one he puts on for pictures. When you say something ridiculous, or when you think I’m not looking and you have a big cheesy grin on your face.

W: I hate that smile, haha.

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Will, what about you?

W: Well, he does all these little things that I just love. He leaves me little notes around the house when he leaves for work early and hasn’t said goodbye to me in the morning. It will be an “I love you” or “See you later” note on the door. It really makes me smile, it’s such a nice way to start the day.

That’s very nice! So what was the most important aspect to you when designing the ring?

A: I think the most important thing was trying to capture something that he likes, as it was made from scratch, with a completely new design.

I think you did so well, because you said that everyone said that ‘that’s so Will’.


A: Yeah, definitely. Another thing that was quite important was the freedom to be creative, pretty much anything that I thought of or wanted to design, Kate was happy to try and see what we could do.

How did you propose?

A: Well my first plan went awry. I booked a cabin in wales and it was just perfect, it was secluded, out of the way. I was gonna go down and do it there, but I hadn’t double checked the dates though and I booked it on the same day as he was going to Barcelona!

W: Yeah, if you had told me that you were going to propose to me I would have cancelled Barcelona.

A: Kindof ruins it. I got a refund so it was okay! So I tried again. We like to go on walks and hikes, we are quite outdoorsy! We planned to go to the Lake District. It was August, and the weather was lovely. I thought this might be a nice time to do it, so I buried the ring in the bottom of the bag. Halfway during the walk, we stopped at this beautiful little outcrock on the side of this valley. I got him to turn around as I dug throughout the bag, and he turned back around and I was on one knee!

W: It was shocking. I was like, what are you doing? What is going on?

So for you Will, it was a complete surprise?

W: It was, definitely. I didn’t see it coming. I mean, I always joked that he’s got five years to propose to me or I’m leaving. However, I didn’t actually expect him to propose.

Had you spoken about getting engaged at some point or taking the next step in the relationship seriously?

W: Oh, yeah. We had always pictured our future together. I would always joke about getting married, and so would he. So it was definitely on the cards, it was just about when.

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Did you envision yourself wearing an engagement ring?

W: No, definitely not. But now I have two! I love jewellery now. I wasn’t big on jewellery before, but as soon as Adam started buying me jewellery, I’ve started collecting all kinds of necklaces, earrings, even diamond earrings!

So you are the jewellery man Adam?

A: Yes, I love a bit of bling.

Are you both happy with the finish of the ring?

W: Oh, it’s amazing, it’s very beautiful.

What are some dreams you both share for the future?

A: Well I think for the imminent future, we plan to settle in the house and in terms of that, make sure everything is completed. Then hopefully after that is finished, we would love to travel.

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Will you be creating wedding rings?

A: I don’t know I actually haven’t thought of that.

W: I think you should have an engagement ring, too.

With many of our gay couples usually one person comes to us, they create a ring, and the other person is completely suprised at how amazing the ring is and how it captures their sentiment. Often, the other partner comes back to us secretly and makes a ring as well.

W: Well, the secret is out the bag now!

What kind of ring would you like, Adam?

W: You would want something big, and gaudy.

A: Haha, no! I would want something tasteful. I would like a ruby. I’m definitely a ruby man.

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What is your favourite metal?

A: I am a big fan of gold. The rose gold looks nice though, I’ve never seen such a big ring in rose gold.

Rose gold is a metal that looks good on everyone, it’s just a warm metal. With a ruby, it would be an amazing combination. So, is there anything else you guys would like to share?

Adam: I’m just so happy he’s in my life, and I’m so happy he said yes.

Will: Well, I would never say no, not to you.

Adam: Not to that ring, no.

Thank you Adam & Will for sharing their story, we wish them a lifetime of happiness & love!

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