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Love Actually Quotes to Engrave on Your Jewellery Gifts

“We need Kate, and we need Leo. And we need them now.”


We feel it in our fingers and two decades have gone by in the flashiest of flashes. This November marks the 20th anniversary of Love Actually, one of the most-loved and most-quoted films of all time, and we’ll be celebrating with Jamie, Juliet, Just Judy and a big slice of banoffee pie.

The festive season is a time to get cosy, roast some chestnuts on the fire and spend time with your favourite people. The twinkling lights, sparkly tinsel plus the exhilaration of picking out the perfect gift all create a truly magical atmosphere, making it one of the things people look forward to most each year. Hint hint, you can never go wrong with jewellery (unless you’re Alan Rickman).

Rewatching your favourite Christmas movies adds to this ambience, getting you in the mood to deck the halls and be proper jolly. There are some undisputed classics like It’s a Wonderful Life, both Home Alones and Elf; the campy Netflix Christmas Cinematic Universe and, of course, the more controversial and oft-disputed Die Hard (it is a Christmas movie).

All fantastic films, and should definitely be watched, but the award for the most romantic, heartstring-pulling, triumph of emotions has got to go to Richard Curtis’s masterpiece, Love Actually. At the top of many people’s holiday watchlists, this seminal 2003 rom-com has it all: a fantastic cast, plenty of laughs and some of the most tear-jerking scenes that get you in the feels at every watch. But it’s the unapologetic celebration of love that makes it so special and unendingly quotable. Engraving a beloved line or quote onto an engagement ring or piece of jewellery is the ultimate gift of personalisation and affection. For those who absolutely love Christmas and, especially, Love Actually, we’ve compiled a list of solid gold quotes that are perfect to be etched onto the inside of a band, or on the medallion of one of our bracelets or pendants.

“Just in cases.” – Aurelia

An unforgettable line from the film, said while Aurelia and Colin Firth’s Jamie are expressing their love to each other when he travels to find her on Christmas Eve. This unlikely couple shows how language doesn’t have to be a barrier when the feelings are strong enough. Whether you quote this line at random times throughout the year, or if you’ve experienced your own international love affair, it’s one of those recognisable snippets that will make you smile every time. Imagine etching it onto an engagement ring and telling your partner “I’ve come here with a view of asking you to marriage me.”




“Because she’s heaven.” – Sam

Despite being the youngest protagonist, Sam has one of the most important and heartwarming storylines. In the throws of “the total agony of being in love,” he bonds with his grieving step-dad over a plan to win the heart of the “coolest girl in school”. These feelings are so pure, taking viewers back to a simpler time when life was full of possibilities, and getting your crush to notice you was the most important thing in the world. It’s this youthful optimism and heartwarming naivete that leads Sam to utter the words “Everybody worships her, because she’s heaven.” Cue a chorus of “aww”. Tell your crush how you feel this Christmas, with these heartfelt three little words engraved on our Iona dainty gold tennis bracelet.

“She’s the one” – Sam

Another great one from our young hero, it’s straight to the point and undeniably romantic. Modify your pronoun to suit the recipient and you’ve got a message that will make them feel like the most special person in the universe.


“Ja, darling!” – Colin

An absolute fan favourite, Colin, played by Kris Marshall, is on a mission to find love in America. After experiencing another romantic disappointment at the hands of “stuck-up” wedding caterer, Nancy, he decides to travel to Wisconsin to find a girlfriend. When his best friend tries to discourage him, they have a hilarious multilingual exchange where Colin ultimately shouts “Ja darling!” before heading into the unknown. Spoiler alert – it was a very good decision.

Getting this quote engraved on the medallion of one of the bracelets from our collection is a great way to commemorate this superb comedic scene, whilst emphasising your own strong convictions and feelings for your loved one. An excellent gift for anyone who loves to laugh – it will be the ultimate in-joke.


“Come on and let it snow” – Billy Mack

The rowdy, rude and (ultimately) nude rockstar of the film, played by living legend Bill Nighy, provides some of the biggest gasps and the biggest laughs. He also delivers an absolute belter of a tune with Christmas is All Around. From the scene of recording to the utterly genius video, Billy Mack steals absolutely every scene he’s in. A modified cover of Wet Wet Wet’s Love is All Around, this version includes some new, amended lyrics including “so if you really love Christmas, come on and let it snow.” Funny, romantic, off-beat and quirky – it’s a stellar choice for anyone who truly embraces the festive season and loves a sing-along.

“You saucy minx!” – The Prime Minister

Hugh Grant as the bumbling yet charming PM has more than running the country to worry about, with the arrival of the lovely Natalie. With their chemistry weighing heavy on his mind, he seeks guidance from Margaret Thatcher (in portrait form) and delivers this unforgettable line. If you re-watch this movie every year and think of your own partner as a minx then etch this saucy quote into a personalised piece of jewellery this Christmas.


“To me, you are perfect” – Mark

Silent Night playing softly in the background, fairy lights decorating the quaint London road and, of course, Keira Knightley’s adorable cream off-the-shoulder sweater – the scene where Andrew Lincoln finally admits to his unrequited feelings is nothing short of iconic. At the heart of it, it’s a pretty controversial moment. He is, after all, harbouring an illicit crush on his best friend’s girl, but seeing as nobody’s perfect and he does say “enough now” eventually, viewers have embraced it as one of the most romantic moments from the entire movie. Often recreated during proposals, promposals and other huge announcements, the cue cards, as well as the words on them, have become a huge part of the cultural zeitgeist. So quotable, with “Say it’s carol singers, ”“at Christmas you tell the truth,” and “My wasted heart will love you,” all well-known and beloved, it’s the line “To me, you are perfect” that deeply resonates with so many.

It’s such a beautiful phrase and, with such an obvious connection to one of the most famous festive films, would be the most perfect message to engrave on a piece of personalised jewellery.

In the words of the great Billy Mack: “Christmas is the time to be with the people you love,” and it’s the time to share your feelings and express them freely. It is also the season of giving, so why not combine the two and bestow the gift of their favourite movie quote engraved on a diamond ring, gold necklace or platinum bracelet?

After all…

“If you look for it, we’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find that love actually is all around.”


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