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Inspire your design with Mary-Kate Olsen’s engagement ring

Mary-Kate Olsen bespoke engagement ring

Mary-Kate Olsen grew to fame at an early age alongside her twin sister, Ashley, as they shared the role of Michelle Tanner in the American sitcom, Full House. Nowadays, she is well-known for her contribution to the fashion industry, co-founding luxury fashion brands and establishing herself as a successful businesswoman and fashion icon.

Diamond engagement rings date back hundreds of years, and long before Marilyn Monroe sung the famous, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, the classic rock was considered a necessary part of the engagement and wedding tradition.

We are beginning to see an increased desire for unique and one-of-a-kind rings, like Mary-Kate Olsen’s engagement ring, which is able to portray the wearer’s personality and charm. Exploring unique design details and techniques are a great way to make your ring, or soon to be fiancés ring, priceless.


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Mary-Kate Olsen’s engagement ring certainly reflects her love of vintage design and is both elegant and timeless, capturing our attention with a four-carat European-cut diamond as the centrepiece and main focus. Additionally, there are 16 vivid blue, calibre-cut sapphires, which are custom cut to surround the centre diamond. The basket features 1.5-carats of single-cut white diamonds, alternating with delicate golden petals, giving the collet a floral form.

Designed by the Cartier family in 1953, the ring was bought by French banker, Olivier Sarkozy at a Sotheby’s jewellery auction for $81,250. If you’re looking to take inspiration from Mary-Kate Olsen’s vintage engagement ring, there are several design aspects you could incorporate into your own engagement ring design, from the blue sapphire halo, the roped band, the organic-inspired basket or even the vintage style.

For many couples, a sapphire could not be a more perfect choice for an engagement ring, especially as it has a score of 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, just 1 below diamonds. Sapphires are also seeing a resurgence in popularity in recent years due to celebrities and royalty alike, such as Kate Middleton, Elizabeth Hurley and Victoria Beckham sporting sapphire engagement rings.

The custom cut sapphire design used in Mary-Kate Olsen’s engagement ring combines opulence with elegant symmetry and is a great blend of colour and individuality alongside the traditional diamond.

Here at Taylor & Hart, we frequently receive requests for celebrity inspired engagement rings and with years of experience, we are able to produce a unique, celebrity inspired ring, for a fraction of the price. Below are a few classic designs that are inspired by Mary-Kate Olsen’s engagement ring and which you can discuss with one of our expert consultants in order to create your own bespoke engagement ring.

Whether you have been inspired by Mary-Kate Olsen’s engagement ring, or simply want to use an element from the original design, our bespoke service allows you to design your very own one-of-a-kind engagement ring. Schedule a consultation with one of our expert designers where you can discuss your design ideas over email, phone, Whatsapp or come into the office to meet face-to-face.

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