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Sapphires aren’t just your ‘something blue’ anymore.

Introducing coloured gemstone engagement rings.

These precious gemstones come in a full spectrum of dazzling hues, so choose a colour of sapphire that brings your love to life. Match them with your partner’s birthstone or their favourite colour.

We’ve cut out the guesswork by hand-selecting all the sapphires in our collection from our ethical suppliers. Plus, our gemstone specialists are always on-hand to give you expert guidance on how to pick the ring that’s right for you. All you have to do is decide which colour best captures your love story.

The Faith

The Faith is for a couple who draws strength from their love. Trilogy rings, which feature three gemstones, represent the past, present, and future of a life spent together. We design the Faith ring with two coloured sapphire side stones to symbolise the way the past and future shape the bonds we share today.

The Faith Ring

The Faith features pear shaped sapphires and a diamond centre held in sparkling eagle claws. The trilogy of gemstones sits atop a set of graceful cathedral shoulders which connect to the polished band.

Each colour of sapphire represents something different about love, so pick one that will mean something personal to your partner. For example, blue represents inspiration and teal represents strength.

Available with either a round or oval centre diamond.

The Damson

Sweet as a freshly picked fruit, we named this contemporary engagement ring after the Damson plum. Symbolic of everything that can grow from a love that’s cared for, the Damson is an understated design with a unique blush of colour along the band.

The Lyra

Captivating and timeless, we’ve crafted the Lyra with stunning detail and a keen attention to form. Inspired by floral botanical drawings, this halo engagement ring features a textural halo of coloured gemstones that fans out around the centre diamond.

The Lyra Ring

The Lyra has an intricate halo made of 14 coloured gemstones, all held within dainty eagle claws. A dainty lattice basket that supports the centre oval diamond and gives this design enough height to sit flush with a wedding band for a comfortable everyday feel.

The Lyra is perfect if you want to go with a gemstone that matches your partner’s birthstone. Sapphires are January’s birthstone and rubies are July’s.

The Tamora

An ode to the creativity of nature, our Tamora design features an oval diamond centre held between symmetrical clusters of marquise diamond petals. The result? A nature-inspired engagement ring that feels as if it was freshly picked from a rose bush.

Named after the sculptural and romantic tamora rose, our Tamora ring is an ode to the creativity of nature. Our design team is proud to present this unique diamond engagement ring, featuring a oval diamond centre held between symmetrical clusters of marquise diamond petals.

The ring’s diamonds are held in a two tone metal setting, with 18ct rose gold adorning the intricate lattice-work basket and a slim 1.6mm 18ct rose gold band. The result is a nature-inspired engagement ring that feels like it was freshly picked from a rose bush.

The Tamora Ring

The Tamora takes a contemporary organic twist on the classic trilogy style with its soft curves and intricate lattice-work basket. The ring’s lustrous diamonds are held in a metal setting with eagle claws surrounding each gemstone on a slim, dainty 1.6mm band.

Colourful Sapphires

From pink to yellow to blue, only you know the true colour of your love. Sapphires have played a part in creating meaningful jewellery for hundreds of years, so it’s time to make this tradition your own. 

The best engagement rings embrace timeless design while finding a way to say something personal about the love it represents. Coloured sapphires are the perfect way to do just that. Browse our full selection of colourful rings to find the one that speaks to you.

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Create your design

Begin by chatting with your Design Consultant about your ideas and they’ll present some initial designs so you can pick your favourite. Expect guidance on ring sizes, how to get the most out of your price point, and a design page where all your quotes and ideas can live in one place.


Select your diamond or gemstone

After you’ve decided on a design that best captures your love story, our Diamond & Gemstone Specialists will share the best options from hundreds of thousands of ethically sourced stones. They’ll help you select the perfect one for your budget and design.


Review your design

Our team will create a 3D CAD render of your design for you to examine the details from every angle. This gives you an accurate idea of what your ring will look like, and our design service includes three amendments.


Your ring is complete

Once you’ve placed your order, we’ll secure your centre gemstone and our talented craftspeople bring your ring to life.

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