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How we shop for engagement rings is changing

Millennial couples have realised that a shared experience is a richer experience. From planning a honeymoon to making the shopping list, everything is better side by side. Which is why the 100-year tradition of shopping for an engagement ring on your own seems to be at an end. Instead, say hello to finding a ring you love hand in hand with the one you love most.

To help you kickstart your ring collaboration with your partner, we’ve put together a selection of our collection designs that are easily customisable and highly popular amongst couples who shop together. Our team of designers have selected these rings because they have a proven history of inspiring couples to personalise the design in a way that brings them together as soul mates.

Feeling inspired? Check out our most popular customised rings of 2021, as featured on our Instagram page. From colourful gemstones to unforgettable halos, there’s always a way to make your ring speak to the unique love you share with your partner.

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