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Nature inspired Engagement Rings

Get inspired by our floral engagement rings and wedding bands, individually designed and finished with nature-inspired design elements.

With all of the wild curls and whimsical turns nature surrounds us with, organic style engagement rings pull inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. Be it waves, vines, leaves, or clouds, interpreting the natural world with metal and precious gemstones is in high demand and it’s not hard to see why.

What better way to exhibit precious gemstones and metals than in a design inspired from where its materials were sourced? Nature inspired engagement rings like these remind us that gemstones and precious metals come from the earth and have an inherent beauty.

In most cases, nature inspired engagement rings interpret flora or fauna-plant or animal life, perfect for a nature lover.

emerald and blue sapphire custom cut floral hand engraved organic engagement ring
green sapphire organic leaf nature inspired engagement ring
organic leaf engagement rings
round fancy yellowish brown cognac diamond with half diamond halo and wire brushed rose gold finish
radiant padparadscha sapphire engagement ring matching diamond pave wedding band marquise emeralds
Yellow round sapphire engagement ring with a flower halo of round diamonds
round orange sapphire with diamond halo set in rose gold
round diamond with flanking marquise cut emerald in leaf inspired design
round ruby centre with dragon inspired setting and hand engraving in rose gold

Nature Inspired wedding bands

A wedding band with natural, organic details is a perfect addition to a nature inspired engagement ring. From delicate rose gold bands dotted with diamond pavé and subtle marquise diamond leaves, a wedding band that evokes a budding plant is a perfect symbol of a blossoming marriage!

For nature inspired wedding bands, the use of milgrain and hand engraving is often used to include intricate patterns of branches, leaves and flowers into a design. This technique allows you to feature patterns in a subtle way, giving the ring design depth.

Take a look through our organic wedding bands, each crafted with mother nature at heart.

Platinum engraved wedding band with milgrain
Rose gold wedding band with engraving and pavé
Vintage engraved yellow gold wedding band with a marquise diamond
Vintage floral inspired wedding band with diamonds and rubies
Yellow gold floral vintage wedding band
Vintage art deco platinum wedding band with round and marquise diamonds
Vintage wedding band made with rose gold and filigree with milgrain
Rose gold diamond leaf marquise pavé wedding band
hand engraved platinum wedding band with ivy and vine motif


Inspired by botanical forms, nature inspired engagement rings feature designs that resemble branches, vines, flowers, leaves and even replicate textures seen on bark. Flower engagement rings are particularly popular as they carry a delicate beauty and floral designs are synonymous with romance.


Throughout history flowers have developed their own symbolic language and meanings in different cultures. Flowers have come to represent a plethora of emotions. In Victorian times, understanding the symbolism of flowers became quite the past time. In many homes, people would keep a guidebook to decipher the meanings of flowers. For example, if you sent someone a white lily, it would secretly mean “my love is pure”.
Flowers are very romantic and because they are packed with symbolism, it’s no wonder that they make perfect inspiration for an engagement ring. Bluebells are meant to represent kindness, while the blush pink peonies represent bashfulness! Tulips represent passion, so perhaps a pink or orange sapphire incorporated into your ring would be a poetic addition.

Tulips and bluebells

Flowers are aesthetically beautiful, and there are a plethora of diamond shapes and coloured gemstones that can be used to represent your chosen flower. For example, a round yellow diamond surrounded by marquise shaped white diamonds would perfectly represent a daisy. A white lily could be represented with a cluster of oval or marquise shaped diamonds. A rose could be modelled out of yellow or white gold, using a diamond or coloured gemstone as the centre stone- making a wonderfully unique engagement ring.

There are many different ways to create natural looking textures in an engagement ring that mimic the texture of a flower, when creating a custom engagement ring. To embody the soft, matte look of a petal, a satin metal finish would perfectly capture this characteristic of a flower. To incorporate a floral pattern in the band of the ring, the use of filigree could feature a beautiful hand carved flower pattern into your engagement ring.

Yellow round sapphire engagement ring with a flower halo of round diamonds

Leaves & branches

Intertwining branches represent relationships, connected to trees which are seen to give life. Trees represent growth and wisdom, all fantastic mantras to carry forth in a relationship! We have created many engagement rings inspired by trees, incorporating twigs and branches into whimsical designs.

A leaf is a very popular motif to feature in engagement rings, especially as accent diamonds or gemstones. Leaves are a symbol of fertility and growth, and the colour green represents renewal and hope. Green is a calming colour, and just about matches any other coloured gemstone or diamond. A centre stone accentuated by leaves would create a soft, enchanting engagement ring. Curved diamond shapes such as a round diamond or an oval diamond would look beautiful paired with green emerald marquise accent gemstones, to represent leaves.
Vintage engagement rings often feature leaves, especially those from the Art Nouveau period between the 1890s-1910. The period was characterised by free flowing lines and creative interpretations of nature. Delicate leaves encapsulated in precious metals such as platinum were very popular designs at the time. Engagement rings would feature split shanks intertwining to become enfolding leaves and branches, with curves that would accentuate the centre stone.

fancy brown round diamond with leaf engraved platinum band


Inspired by animal life, we’ve seen nature inspired engagement rings based on a variety of creatures from whales and lobsters to hedgehogs, bird’s feathers and scales. Other inspirations can be taken from mythical creatures such as dragons, or scenic terrain like mountainous regions or natural elements like clouds, water or fire.

Insects such as butterflies, scarab beetles, dragonflies and bumble bees have all become common motifs to encapsulate in jewellery. The stag beetle is an iconic British insect and is said to represent transformation and luck. A diamond engagement ring that features an insect embedded within the ring would truly suit an alternate, bohemian bride!

Nature inspired engagement rings often feature filigree and hand engraving. Filigree sees metal cutouts, inspired by natural forms, featuring beautifully intricate hand-carved shapes and designs along the band. A hand engraved engagement ring can achieve organic and floral motifs, to fulfil your nature-inspired design.

Various finishes such as pebbled, hammered and wire brushed metal would add to an engagement rings likeness to a natural texture or animal. There are many ways to subtly reference your favourite animal. Essentially, if you can imagine it, it can be crafted and interpreted into your very own animal inspired engagement ring.

Ranging from whimsical and abstract to more accurate and true-to-life interpretations, nature-inspired engagement rings are a wonderfully unique and sweet way to represent your love.

lobster inspired organic engagement ring

What metals are best for an engagement ring with nature inspired details?

For a nature inspired engagement or wedding ring, your metal choice depends entirely on personal preference. The golden tones of yellow gold are highlighted when moulded into the shape of a leaf or flower, the metal radiates warmth. A gold engagement ring has an organic feel to it, especially when paired with luscious coloured gemstones such as a blue ceylon sapphire or a forest green emerald. When paired together, these elements can represent earth’s natural forces, such as the sun, the ocean or flora!

Rose gold is another lovely metal choice when thinking about creating a nature inspired engagement ring, especially one with a floral pattern. As the name suggests, the colour is reminiscent of a rose, or any pink or blush toned flower. Rose gold would be a wonderful accent to a flower centre stone setting.

During the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movement platinum was almost solely used to represent natural patterns–people loved the cool tone combined with natural looking patterns. A platinum, nature inspired ring would surely remind us of the classy, glamorous era!

Engraved platinum, rose gold, yellow gold wedding bands

Fairtrade & recycled metals

With a nature inspired engagement ring, it’s important that your precious metal, diamonds and gemstones are all ethically sourced. There’s no better way to commemorate nature by creating an engagement ring with fair trade or recycled gold. When requested, we can create engagement rings entirely out of fair trade gold or recycled gold and platinum.


Gemstones for nature-inspired engagement rings

Coloured gemstones can be used to represent various flora and fauna. Besides diamonds, we offer sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and Paraiba tourmalines. The rich, vibrant tones of precious gemstones evoke memories of nature & your past travels.

Sapphires come in a rainbow of colours, from the classic Ceylon blue, to pink, orange and yellow. The slightly included nature of emeralds remind us of the natural world, they have a rich forest green colour and are perfect to use to represent leaves. A neon, luminous Paraiba tourmaline immediately makes one think about shallow, crystal clear water on the beach. Coloured gemstones paired with the golden warmth of yellow gold, or the cool stone grey of platinum would both create a beautiful nature inspired engagement ring.

Loose green sapphire and diamonds

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