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Heart Diamond Engagement Rings

With its iconic silhouette and graceful curves, heart diamond engagement rings are the ultimate symbol of love and romance.

Why should I choose a heart shaped diamond?

Heart shaped diamonds are a charming choice for an engagement ring. What better way to express the love you have for your partner through a heart? The shape is on trend too, with many people these days choosing heart shaped jewellery as sentimental pieces to remind them of their loved ones and as an expression of self love! If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day proposal, a heart shaped engagement ring could be a perfect choice to play up the most romantic day of the year.

The history of a heart shaped diamond

The origins of the heart shaped diamond date back to Milan in 1463. They became a symbol of royalty, stemming from a conversation between the Duke of Milan, Galeazzo Maria Sforza and Nicodemo, in which the Duke compared the famed quests of Cosimo de Medici to a heart shaped diamond.

The heart shape commands a rich symbolism, so it’s no wonder that it’s been used numerous times in history as an offering of goodwill or to solidify a relationship. In 1592, Mary Queen of Scots sent Queen Elizabeth a ring with a heart shaped diamond in it, intending it to be a symbol of friendship and goodwill.

heart diamond with double diamond halo with pink and white diamonds and diamond pave split shank

What should I look for in heart shaped diamonds?

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a heart shaped diamond. The shape itself is quite difficult to cut, and takes a master artisan to create a heart shape with perfect symmetry. Because of this, one of the most important characteristics to look for in a heart shaped diamond is the quality of the cut. The halves of the heart shaped diamond should be identical in shape and size, with the wings of the diamond slightly rounded.

It’s important to pay attention to the length to width ratio in a heart diamond as well. The optimum ratio is a 1.00, meaning it’s equally long as it is wide. Anything with a ratio less than 0.90 will either appear too long or too wide, leading to an overly elongated or bulky heart.

To ensure optimum fire and sparkle, the depth and table of the heart diamond should also be considered. The depth refers to the diamond’s measurement from the top to the bottom of the stone, often measured as a percentage comparison to its width. For a heart shaped diamond to have a truly great sparkle and fire it should have a depth of 56-66%.

The diamond’s table refers to the flat top facet found on the front of the diamond, which is also indicated as a percentage of its width. The table is an important consideration because if it isn’t large enough, it can affect the gemstone’s brilliance. An optimum table for a heart shaped diamond is 56-62%.

heart shape diamond

Do heart shaped diamonds sparkle?

The heart shaped diamond is a modified round brilliant cut, so this shape has fantastic brilliance and scintillation under any light. Heart diamonds are one of the most bright and sparkly diamond shapes around!

How much are heart shaped diamonds?

A 1ct heart shaped diamond set in a yellow gold, rose gold or white gold solitaire band costs between £5,600. A 1ct heart shaped diamond set in a platinum band costs between £5,700.

A 2ct heart shaped diamond set in a yellow gold, rose gold or white gold solitaire band costs between £19,200. A 2ct heart shaped diamond set in a platinum band costs between £19,300.

heart shape diamond engagment ring with pave diamonds

Celebrity heart shaped diamond rings

For a pop star, the heart shaped diamond is a natural choice. It packs rich symbolism and is trendy enough for the red carpet. Lady Gaga’s heart diamond engagement ring given to her by her previous partner, Taylor Kinney, featured a 6ct heart shaped diamond on a platinum pave band. Kinney proposed to Gaga on Valentine’s Day, making the heart shaped diamond perfect for the occasion!

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