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Our Creative Studio

Human connection is the heart of both what we make and how we make it. Our Creative Studio is made up of three teams of creative makers who weave their skills and passion together to form each of our handcrafted designs.

Jewellery Design Department

Every ring’s journey begins in the jewellery design department. The people on this team come from a diverse range of creative backgrounds—from theatre and performance, to visual art, to metalsmithing—meaning they all have a unique way of interpreting a customer’s vision.

Our job is to really listen to the love and intent you bring to our consultation and put those feelings into a design.

The high level of collaboration between our jewellery design, 3D design, and workshop teams is what makes Taylor & Hart unique.

We begin by creating hand sketches or digital mockups based on your ideas and inspirations. For more complex bespoke rings, we build moodboards and collaborate with you on amendments before bringing that design to the 3D design department, who help us lift the design off the page.

For us, nothing is more important than creating an open-minded environment—where no idea is too far-fetched because you’ve got the support of a jewellery design expert to help you through each step of the journey.

3D Design Department

Our 3D design department has two teams: one creates our collection designs and one renders bespoke pieces. Collection designers perfect each element of a design so that it can be customised and set with any size of centre stone—this means your ring is one of a kind, even if it’s a classic collection design.

3D design is all about solving problems. How do we take a designer’s sketch and preserve its detail while also making sure the ring will be structurally sound? How do we take feedback from a diamond setter to create a basket that lets the most light into a diamond?

We move against the flow of convention to bring together custom and collection rings that capture something unique about the people who wear them.

For bespoke designs, our team is trained in a wide array of softwares that translate drawings into 3D objects, and they’ve also been trained in traditional jewellery making.This allows us to instil a real sense of human emotion into your ring, even at the most technical stage of its design.

Workshop Department

Everyone in the workshop has completed the rigorous training programmes that have underpinned the heritage of British jewellery craftsmanship for centuries. Knowing that we’re all a part of that tradition gives us a real passion for using our hands to create a new piece of art each day. And small scale jewellery production allows us to give every ring the attention it deserves.

Because we all work side by side, the handcrafting process is built on trust and teamwork. Our workshop and 3D design team share the same space, so we’re able to visit each other’s desks throughout the day and solve problems together.

We’re passionate about transformation. Our job is to prove what’s possible in jewellery design—to make real the things our customers brought to us as a dream.

Everyone on the team has a specialisation—from setting stones to making breathtaking mounts—and because we’ve all had a small hand in crafting your ring, there’s a sense of shared pride in what we create.

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