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Bespoke Rings

old mine cut diamond with diamond halo in rose gold and platinum
emerald cut diamond ring with tapered diamond baguettes
yellow gold engagement ring with floral inspired basket
oval rose cut diamond halo trilogy rose gold engagement ring
cushion cut diamond with double diamond halo and split shank
blue cushion cut ceylon sapphire with diamond halo in yellow gold and platinum
platinum double round diamond halo engagement ring
fancy yellow pear shape diamond with diamond halo engagement ring
filigree engagement ring

Why would I choose to create a bespoke engagement ring?

Whether you’ve already got a design idea in your mind or have been inspired by a ring that you have already seen, but would like to adapt it to suit your own tastes, we can create your very own personalised ring using our bespoke design service. From concept to creation, you will work with one of our expert consultants to design your own engagement ring. If you are based in New York, come into our showroom for a consultation.

The journey will be an exciting and informative one – working with our incredibly talented designers, we create your bespoke engagement ring in front of your eyes – a ring that not only symbolises your relationship, but will be exactly right for you and just you.

And what if we were to tell you that it won’t cost you any more than buying an engagement ring of equivalent quality from a high street jewelers?

design consultant sketch

There are so many different design elements to an engagement ring, which is why designing a bespoke engagement ring is a great option for those who want something one of a kind.

There’s nothing wrong with choosing an off-the-shelf ring design if that’s exactly what you’re looking for, but if you aren’t 100% blown away by a design, why shouldn’t you look to create an entirely perfect ring? Your relationship is one of a kind – why shouldn’t your ring be? Designing your own engagement ring allows you to really reflect the personality and style of its intended wearer.From different diamond and gemstone shapes, to the metal type, to the style or era of the design, an engagement ring has infinite options. This way, you can base your design on a special moment you’ve shared, you can feature their favourite colour, their birthstone, an ode to something special or important to the two of you, even an engraving of lyrics from your favourite song.

The joy of designing your own engagement ring is that you can create almost whatever you want by merging your favourite elements of different style eras.

Another benefit of going bespoke on your ring design, means you don’t have to worry about finding a wedding band that will sit flush against it. A bespoke ring service will be able to design a matching wedding band that fits perfectly together.

Bearing all of this in mind, how do I go about creating a bespoke engagement ring?

The Bespoke Design Process


All beautiful rings start with a great design. Whether you’re bursting with ideas or are looking for some inspiration, our talented design consultants help you understand and articulate exactly what you’re after. We may work in a traditional craft, but we combine our service with the latest technologies. You can chat with your consultant via email, phone, Skype or WhatsApp.

Share your ideas, inspiration, requirements and price point with your consultant and they will use this information to translate your ideas into an initial design, a complimentary service.

Our talented design consultants expertly guide you throughout every stage of the design process, from initial sketches to selecting ethically sourced diamonds and coloured gemstones. We’re committed to providing a seamless experience, entirely led by your requirements.


Once we have a clear idea of the design you’d like, we supply your ring design as a 3D CAD (computer aided design) file so you can better understand how it will look in person. Depending on the complexity of your design, we may also provide 3D movable and rotatable image so you can see its detail. This is your opportunity to give your feedback and request any amendments to the design before its final render, which is where we create a digital photograph of your finalized design.


Once you’re entirely happy with your design, you can place your order, sit back, relax and leave our master craftsmen to bring your ring design to life.

Bringing designs to life

We explore three customer’s engagement rings and the stories behind their designs.


Recommended by a friend who had designed his own engagement ring the previous year, Patrick knew he wanted a solitaire with something a little different. He liked the classic nature of six prong solitaire design set in platinum.

His partner has refined taste when it comes to jewelry and accessories, so he wanted her design to be timeless and elegant.

Once the center diamond was chosen, his designer set out to create a unique design in the basket of the ring. Presented with three designs, Patrick picked elements from each which ultimately resulted in the final design.

patrick bespoke engagement ring design

Petal-inspired filigree cutouts framed in double milgrain were the perfect vintage details to elevate the classic design.

bespoke solitaire detailed collet engagement ring
solitaire detailed collet engagement ring2

Patrick had quite a solid idea of what he envisioned for his partner’s ring. Going bespoke allowed him to add his own personal touch on a classic design.Patrick had quite a solid idea of what he envisioned for his partner’s ring. Going bespoke allowed him to add his own personal touch on a classic design.


Paul and his partner had seen a vintage Cartier design on an online auction site and they were instantly inspired.

The 1920s Art Deco design was everything they imagined for Nicola’s engagement ring. Instead of just purchasing the ring at auction, they decided to recreate the ring using new gemstones and to take advantage of the technological innovations in jewelry manufacturing over the past 80 years.

Together with their designer, the set out to find the perfect gemstones for the design. The emerald, a mesmerising medium-dark stone from the famed Muzo region of Colombia, was chosen first. Searching through thousands of emerald-cut diamonds to match the proportions of the chosen emerald, the couple settled on one of its most perfect specimens.

toi et moi bespoke engagement ring design

The next step was the design which they chose to modernize by removing the milgrain detail from the band. Still keeping true to its vintage pedigree, they had all the small diamonds on the band bead-set and had the emerald set with buttery 18K yellow gold. The rest of the ring was set platinum to complement the icy white diamonds.

The happy couple returned the following year to create a matching ladies’ wedding band and a men’s wedding ring. Paul, feeling truly inspired by the bespoke design process of Nicola’s engagement ring, wanted to create a bespoke wedding band set with an emerald for himself. Nicola’s created a fitted wedding band set with an emerald and diamond set into the band.

bespoke moi et toi engagement ring


Stuart came to us to rework a family heirloom into an engagement ring for his partner, while still honouring the original design. The Edwardian style ring incorporated two old-European cut diamonds into a bypass setting that belonged to his girlfriend’s grandmother.

repurposing a family heirloom bespoke engagement ring design

His design consultant suggested the entire design remain vintage-inspired. Crown setting, bead-setting and milgrain are all typical design elements of the era.

Stuart mentioned that his partner loved pink and the idea was born to use pink diamonds and 18K rose gold. Presented with four designs, Stuart took elements of each design to arrive at the perfect engagement ring.

sm design 1

Bead-set pink diamonds transitioned into white diamonds to create a stunning ombre effect in between the two old-European cut diamonds. A truly magnificent creation!

moi et toi diamond engagement ring
old european diamonds in a crown setting engagement ring with pave pink diamond band

Repurposing a family heirloom is a great way to combine both sentiment and style. Prince Harry recently did this with his engagement ring for Meghan Markle by using two diamonds from Diana’s collection in his design.

So once you’ve finalized your design and placed your order, how are the rings made?

Crafting process


Once you’ve finalised your design and place your order, your production file is sent to be printed into a 3D wax. We cast the 3D printed wax into your chosen unpolished metal. We clean up the metal components, readying the metal structure for side diamond and gemstone setting.


The ring is assembled and set with any side gemstones/diamonds and is then sent to be hallmarked which certifies its metal fineness. The inside of the ring’s band will feature a series of stamps which will indicate the metal type, the year of its production, the company and which city it was hallmarked in.


Those all-important gemstones and diamonds are then set by hand by our team of expert jewellers who have generations of experience in the industry.

Final touches

To finish, each ring will be engraved, if requested. Then, the ring will be polished for a final time to ensure it boasts a beautifully bright and shiny appearance.

Every one of our rings is hand-finished in London by our master craftsmen, ensuring your ring will be treasured for a lifetime. Each bespoke engagement ring we craft represents a remarkable and unique love story.

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