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Should I bring loved ones ring shopping with me?

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So, you’re ready. You’ve decided to pop the question. This is an incredibly exciting time of your life, made all the more special by your decision to design a custom engagement ring.

You may be wondering, “should I bring loved ones ring shopping with me?”

We get this question a lot at Taylor & Hart, so whether you’re considering bringing your parents or a friend, we’ve written this blog post to explain what you should consider before involving others in your ring search.

Do you know what you do and don’t like?

Sometimes clients bring in loved ones when they’re not quite sure what they like themselves. They’re looking for reassurance from a loved one, but at the end of the day, remember it is your decision to make. Give yourself permission to do some daydreaming, er, we mean “online research.”

By this, we mean take a look at rings online and create a board on Pinterest (this can be secret!) of rings you like. This will help you get an idea of what your tastes and preferences are. Give yourself a couple of hours to just click around – no pressure. After you have more than 20 images, you can take a step back and begin to see patterns emerging in your design choices.

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Have specific questions

The person whose opinion you’re asking for is going to be overwhelmed if you simply plonk them in front of your computer with dozens of images. Do them (and yourself) a favour, by having specific questions for them. Asking things like, “What do you think of this band versus that band?” or “What would look better, a marquise or pear cut?” will give you valuable input as it will force your friend or family member to narrow down their favourite options.

Will the other person be able to put aside their own tastes, and consider yours?

We all need opinionated people in our life, but sometimes, a loved one can get caught up in what they like and forget that this isn’t about them. It’s your ring. If you do bring someone along, be sure that it’s someone who has given you helpful opinions in the past, not someone who is a little too attached to their own opinions.

Why not bring your partner?

We often see couples come in and design their engagement and wedding ring(s) together.

If you’re nervous about creating the right one, why not bring your partner to be part of the design process? This allows your other half to choose exactly what they want and takes the pressure off your decision. Your proposal can still be a surprise but you’ll know you have the perfect ring waiting.

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Go it alone

Sometimes your decision is as good as anyone else’s. If you’ve received hints or even discussed design ideas with your partner in the past, you stand a good chance of getting it right. Take into consideration your other half’s taste and lifestyle – for example, if your partner always wears dark colours and simple silver jewellery, it’s probably not ideal to go with an elaborate ring design that uses a variety of brightly coloured gemstones.


When it comes to ring shopping, there isn’t a formulaic answer regarding bringing loved ones (besides your partner) with you. Keeping the above tips in mind will help you make the decision to your question “should I bring loved ones ring shopping?” And remember, the consultants at Taylor & Hart are here to guide you through every step of the journey from choosing your centre stone to the finishing touches.

Engagement ring shopping is one of the many adventures you’ll have together, and we at Taylor & Hart are excited to help you begin the next chapter in your lives. Schedule a consultation where you can discuss your designs, alone, with your mum or dad, even a close friend or with all of the afore-mentioned!

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