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GIA Graded Diamonds

Due to their exceptional reputation, we opt to use Gemological Institute of America (GIA) graded natural center diamonds where possible.

The GIA is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to producing consistent, accurate and unbiased grading reports. Diamonds graded by the GIA are the most highly valued and respected in the industry. Each stone is graded twice, by different graders, to ensure they arrive at the same grading report.

GIA developed their grading system so you can choose a diamond without seeing it, yet still trust you’re getting exactly what you selected.

A GIA diamond grading report details an appraisal of the 4 Cs and is the result of work from a whole team of gemologists. Trained eyes scrutinize the diamond using specific tools and analyse the ratios of the dimensions, clarity, color, polish, symmetry and other elements before determining its grade. Any diamond that weighs over one carat will be automatically assessed for clarity and rated on a plot chart of inclusions, and round diamonds also include a cut grade on their reports.

Many GIA graded diamonds have a unique serial number laser inscribed on the girdle which enables you to match the diamond to its certification. If you look carefully, you can see the inscription on the girdle of the diamond below.

Our consultants are here to help you understand the importance of diamond grading and why we choose to work with the GIA as our preferred diamond grading lab for all of our diamond rings.

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