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A unique engagement ring to be treasured for a lifetime

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Unique Engagement Rings

Browse through a selection of some of the unique engagement rings we have designed and crafted.

fancy brown round diamond with leaf engraved platinum band
emerald cut emerald with custom cut diamond baguette halo engagement ring
pear diamond engagement ring with chevron pave diamond band
oval rose cut diamond with pear pink sapphires set in rose gold
round diamond with filigree detail halo with marquise tsavorites in platinum engagement ring
unique yellow gold engagement ring set with east west emerald diamond
round fancy yellowish brown cognac diamond with half diamond halo and wire brushed rose gold finish
round diamond hexagonal halo engagement ring with wheat hand engraving
old european diamonds in a crown setting engagement ring with pave pink diamond band

Unique engagement rings

At Taylor & Hart, you have the opportunity to co-create an entirely unique, one-of-a-kind engagement ring. From the very beginning you are directly involved in the design process alongside your dedicated personal design consultant. You design your own engagement ring, with the help of our experts.

Based on your tastes, price point, preferences and style, you can create almost anything–from organic inspired rings to floral designs, representations of places and even animals, we have designed them all. Over the years, we have designed hundreds of beautiful, unique and unusual engagement rings to symbolize love stories around the globe.

Whether you take inspiration from designs gone by or you have ideas of your own, our custom design service will bring your ideas to life while we guide you through the process.

how unique can a design be?

There is such a wide range of ‘unique-ness’ when it comes to custom engagement ring design, but it can usually be sorted into three categories– a small design change to a collection design, a customisation to a design and entirely bespoke ring design.

1. Simple design with a small personalization

We offer a collection of ready-made engagement ring designs which you can choose from. If you find the perfect design but don’t want a ring the same as every other customer that has selected the same design before you, there are plenty of ways to make a small personalization to your design to make it entirely unique.

For example, you could choose a traditional solitaire ring but have a small gemstone set inside the ring’s band. We include a signature ruby in each of our designs as a little secret between you and your partner. Many choose to set a different gemstone inside the band as a personal ode to their partner–either a favourite colour or a birthstone.

Or choose a pre-designed ring from our collection and make it entirely one of a kind by having a personalized engraved inscription with a special message, date, pet name or even emoji inside the band.

These small, yet poignant personalizations add a level of custom that ensures your design remains a unique engagement ring.

emoji engraving and ruby signature stone

2. Customized design

The next category of “unique” engagement ring design is a customized design. This is taking an existing design, be it one from our collection or a design you’ve seen elsewhere, and making a change or customization to an element of the design.

For example, this could be taking a halo engagement ring style you’ve seen and increasing the melee stone size-they’re the stones in the halo and on the band itself. This would mean perhaps increasing the thickness of the band and overall carat weight of the diamond melee. Or instead of increasing the melee stone size, change the center stone from a diamond to a colored gemstone, as shown on our Entwine design on the right.

Entwine Twisting Halo Round Yellow gold

3. Entirely bespoke

This category doesn’t mean your design is crazy out-there, although it can be. It can be a design combined of elements from lots of other designs, or a ring based on a sketch or moment, holiday or interest you’ve experienced together.

Browse through our gallery of unique engagement ring inspiration and schedule your consultation where you can design an unusual or unique engagement ring of your own.

unique engagement ring with pear centre diamond double diamond halo and fanned tapered baguettes

What can you use to make your engagement ring unique?

Metal finishes

From the classic metal choices of yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum–there are a multitude of ways that your metal choice can be finished, to enhance the uniqueness of your ring. You can choose a smooth, glossy polish, or go with a matte satin finish.

ring metal finishes copy

Coloured gemstones

A diamond is a classic choice for a centre gemstone, but for those of us who love a pop of colour a luscious emerald or a vivid blue sapphire could far outshine the beauty of a diamond. We offer high quality gemstones only–ones whose vibrancy doesn’t fade over time. For our customers that are looking for an original gemstone, we have a range of emeralds, sapphires in every color, rubies and luminous, aqua paraiba tourmalines.

blue round sapphire yellow gold engagement ring custom emeralds diamonds sun ring

Coloured diamonds

For those who love color but can’t part from the intense fire of a diamond–not to worry, there are many options! Diamonds come in many colors, these are known as fancy colored diamonds. Yellow and champagne/brown diamonds are the most common fancy colors, and are often quite affordable. Colors such as blue, pink, green and purple are very rare, and command a high price point.

fancy yellow pear shape diamond with diamond halo engagement ring

Diamond shapes

The round brilliant diamond shape is the most popular diamond cut, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best. Diamonds come in an array of shapes–these are referred to as fancy diamond shapes. For the alternative bride looking for something rounded but unexpected, a marquise, pear or oval shaped diamond would be perfect. For a complete deviation from the round diamond, the elegant lines of an emerald cut, or the sharp princess cut would make a subtle statement.

diamond shapes

Custom cut gemstones

Another way to incorporate interesting elements into your engagement ring is to add custom cut gemstones. Along with the center stone, you can add side stones to create a trilogy engagement ring. The combination of three stones gives you more ways to be creative, with more options to choose from. A classic choice for side stones would be a pair of sleek baguettes, or a pair of rounded half moons. Another chic choice could be the unconventional shapes of a bullet cut diamond or a trillion cut. Depending on the center stone, with your consultant you can choose which side stones that you would think would suit the ring best.

custom cut blue sapphire and emerald engagement and wedding ring set

Vintage inspired designs

A vintage inspired design is a wonderful starting point for someone looking to create a unique engagement ring. Throughout history, there have been many eras of design that have translated into the jewelry industry. A few iconic eras would be Art Nouveau (1890s-1910) or the Edwardian period (1910). Art Deco (1915-1935) has left a great legacy in the jewelry world, with many of our collection designs influenced by the design period. Vintage engagement rings are incredibly popular, and have such a rich history that there are a multitude of styles to take inspiration from to create the perfect ring.

cushion cut diamond set on a bias with vintage inspired bead set halo in rose gold engagement ring

Nature inspired designs

Nature has been one of our greatest inspirations in art history, so it’s only natural that this has been celebrated so much in jewelry. For engagement rings, flowers and leaves are very popular motifs- the vibrant colours and shapes of gemstones lend themselves well to representing flora. In the vintage design period of Art Nouveau, the flowing lines and curves of natural forms were often referenced in metalwork. In engagement rings, platinum was the preferred metal, with round gemstones and engraved or filigree bands.

Platinum engagement ring with a round diamond and emerald pavé shaped as a flower

Unique engagement rings and their stories

So you can understand the differing levels of unique engagement ring designs, we explore the stories and development of each of these rings below:


The inspiration for the ring design came from their relationship and the continual occurrence of dragons in their life together. The mythical creature inspired design was paired with a proposal on top of a volcano – a truly epic love story.

Andras came to us with a very clear idea of the ring design he was looking for. He created the design in a sketch himself and his design consultant took it from there by adding some technical aspects to the design and suggested the engraved scales on the band to add a little extra detail and texture.

round ruby centre with dragon inspired setting and hand engraving in rose gold


Stuart came to us to rework a family heirloom into an engagement ring for his partner, while still honouring the original design. The Edwardian style ring incorporated two old-European cut diamonds into a bypass setting that belonged to his girlfriend’s grandmother.

repurposing a family heirloom bespoke engagement ring design

His design consultant suggested the entire design remain vintage-inspired while still using modern materials. Crown setting, bead-setting and milgrain are all typical design elements of the Edwardian era.

Stuart mentioned that his partner loved pink and the idea was born to use pink diamonds and 18K rose gold. Presented with four designs, Stuart took elements of each design to arrive at the perfect engagement ring.

Bead-set pink diamonds transitioned into white diamonds to create a stunning ombre effect in between the two old-European cut diamonds.

sm design 1

Repurposing a family heirloom is a great way to combine both sentiment and style while retaining an entirely unique design.

bespoke moi et toi rose gold engagement ring
bespoke moi et toi rose gold engagement ring2

Ali got in touch with us to design an engagement ring for his then girlfriend, Shannon.

My fiancée had a ring design Pinterest board, so I snooped on her Pinterest to see what kind of designs she liked.

Based on what she was looking at, she wanted an Art Deco style, but I decided to deviate from the original shape, to put my own personal twist on the design. I chose an Asscher cut diamond instead of an emerald cut just to make it something unique, something that I’d had an input on.


asscher engagement ring
art-deco-engagement-ring-sketch unique

Ali made this classic Art Deco design his own with a small customisation that made his unique engagement ring entirely personal.

From vibrant coloured gemstones to spectacular diamonds in any shape you wish, feel free to be creative when designing your own engagement ring. We offer a bespoke service in which you are empowered to design your engagement ring right here in the uk. We will transform your ideas into an expressive, tasteful engagement ring– guided by one of our trained artists and designers.

By designing your own engagement ring, you get something that isn’t off the shelf– a bespoke piece of jewelry that reflects you and your partner’s journey.

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