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The most popular wedding themes of 2021

The rise of themed weddings

A monumental occasion and true celebration of love, a wedding can be one of the most spectacular days of your life. More than a milestone event, a wedding offers the chance to express your creativity and customise the ceremony to your unique interests. In fact, Google searches for “themed weddings” are currently up 48% year on year.

From Disney to Game of Thrones, we at Taylor & Hart have discovered the most popular wedding themes across the world.

Top 10 most pinned wedding themes

Visual discovery engine Pinterest is the perfect platform for finding and saving inspiration on anything from interior design to makeup looks. So what better way to find a wedding theme than by “pinning” an image to your digital mood board? These are the top 10 most pinned wedding themes:

1. Country

Country weddings are the most pinned wedding theme on Pinterest, with a whopping 74,374 pins! Taking place in the countryside, vast green space, or private farm, country weddings are great because can be adapted for different budgets, locations, and styles. The theme offers couples the chance to say “I do” while surrounded by the beauty and simple joys of rural nature.


2. Rustic

A rustic wedding infuses natural elements such as wood and wildflowers with traditional wedding decor, bringing the beauty of nature to an indoor setting. With 73,683 pins, it’s the second-most pinned wedding theme on Pinterest. The organic shapes and textures found in nature can be incorporated into ring designs with elements such as hand engraving, milgrain or filigree.

3. Beach

Who doesn’t love the idea of getting married on the shores of a sandy beach, standing before the open ocean? Having been pinned 73,607 times on Pinterest, beach weddings are widely popular amongst couples. Plus, there’s a whole host of ways to incorporate elements of the sea into a ring design. From the luscious tones of blue sapphires to the organic shapes of waves, a coastal inspired design is perfect for ocean lovers.

4. Nautical

The perfect wedding style for those who dream of taking to the high seas, nautical-themed weddings have been pinned 52,928 times, making it the fourth most popular wedding theme on Pinterest. Adventurous yet refined, this sea-inspired style is a classic wedding theme most often features accents based on maps, stripes, or rope textures.

5. Vintage

The vintage wedding theme draws inspiration from distinct eras ranging from the roaring ‘20s to the swinging ‘60s. Because they can be tailored to different tastes, the style is a great choice for couples who want a memorable theme. Our study found that vintage weddings have been pinned 49,517 times on Pinterest. Looking for a vintage ring to go with your themed wedding? Check out our curated vintage-inspired  selection for some inspiration.

Our Design Director, Kate Earlam-Charnley, has designed a round diamond vintage ring which embodies the best of vintage design. The classic setting, crafted in yellow gold, features vintage elements such as filigree and engraving for an antique touch.

6. Classic

Effortlessly stylish and chic, the classic wedding theme will always withstand the test of time. With no trendy theme to distract from the romance of the day, this wedding style celebrates the purest origins of love. The theme has been pinned 43,491 times on Pinterest.

7. Harry Potter

The wizarding world of Harry Potter has left a lasting impact on imaginations, and even has the power to connect us with the person we love most. Given it’s special place in the hearts of millions, it no wonder so many couples want to celebrate the magic of Harry Potter on their wedding day. With 40,499 pins, Harry Potter themed weddings are one of Pinterest’s most popular wedding themes.

8. Star Wars

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Newlyweds were paying homage to the world’s most famous sci-fi franchise with Star Wars-themed weddings (lightsabers optional)! We found that the theme has been pinned 34,944 times on Pinterest.

9. Disney

Many dream of feeling like a prince or princess on their wedding day, and what better way to achieve that than with Disney themed nuptials? From glass slippers to Mickey Mouse shaped bouquets, there are so many ways this theme can be brought to life. The Disney wedding theme has been pinned 29,899 times on Pinterest.

10. Pastel

With soft pinks, sorbet yellows, lilacs, and sky blues, pastel colour schemes are widely popular for weddings, having been pinned 28,809 times. The soft tones of this theme make it perfect for springtime ceremonies and the style can be easily carried through the outfits, décor, and floral arrangements.


The 10 most hashtagged wedding themes

Couples planning weddings also tend to turn to Instagram for artistic inspiration. The photo-sharing platform is full of wedding images across a wide range of themes. Not too far off the trends found on Pintrest, the 10 themes most popular on Instagram have a lot to teach us about where weddings are headed in the coming year.

1. Beach

Appearing again at the top of the most popular wedding themes list is the ever-gorgeous beach wedding. Our study found beach themed weddings to be the most hashtagged theme, with 2,300,000 hashtags in total. Who wouldn’t love to watch the sunset over the horizon, with the warm sand beneath your toes whilst saying “I Do”?


2. Rustic

Rustic is as ‘instagrammable’ as it is ‘pinnable’ with 2,000,000 hashtags. Incorporating nature and handcrafted elements throughout the ceremony, rustic weddings can be carried out throughout the year in celebration of each season’s unique natural beauty.

3. Vintage

Vintage weddings were the third most hashtagged wedding theme, having been hashtagged 1,200,000 times.

4. Country

The most pinned theme slips down slightly as the fourth most instagrammable wedding theme, with 695,000 hashtags. Country weddings offer lovers the opportunity to bask in the beauty of nature as they celebrate their love.

5. Fairytale

‘Happily Ever Afters’ have filled the fairytales of childhood for centuries. So it’s no surprise that fairytale-themed weddings are so universally popular, with 391,000 hashtags. After all, who wouldn’t want a perfect fairytale ending?

6. Star Wars

One of the world’s most popular film franchises, Star Wars, also seems to be popular in the wedding world. The sci-fi inspired theme has over 309,000 hashtags on Instagram, making it the sixth most hashtagged wedding theme.

7. Bohemian

Bohemian wedding themes are an unconventional yet popular choice for couples who embrace free-spirited and open-hearted approach to love and life. With 263,000 hashtags, it’s clear that Bohemian weddings are a trend that’s here to stay.

8. Classic

For lovers of traditional beauty, classic weddings are a popular choice, with over 240,000 hashtags. A style that truly stands the test of time, the theme can be adapted endlessly to suit a range of preferences to ensure a perfect day.

9. Disney

Disney’s tales of far-away kingdoms, magic, and the power of true love’s kiss have illuminated childhoods for generations. So it’s little wonder that Disney themed weddings are such a popular choice for couples, with 220,000 hashtags for the theme. Can you feel the love tonight?

10. Tropical

A tropical wedding theme exudes vibrancy with its exotic blooms and bright, zesty colours. The theme has been hashtagged 180,000 times, making it one of the most popular wedding themes!


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The 10 most in-demand wedding themes of 2021

Like many types of trend, certain wedding themes can grow in popularity over different time periods. We looked into the increase in Google searches over the last year for hundreds of wedding themes to reveal the 10 most in-demand wedding themes of 2021. Alongside the study, our Design Director Kate Earlam-Charnely has created some themed custom engagement rings to match the most in demand themes, should you want to take your themed wedding to the next level.

1. Star Wars

Our study found Star Wars-themed weddings to be the most in-demand wedding theme of 2021. With the new Disney+ show The Mandalorian and an array of upcoming Star Wars projects in the pipeline, couples have had their appetites whetted. This has lead to a 90% increase in demand for Star Wars-themed weddings. From Stormtrooper engagement or wedding ring designs to lightsaber receptions, may the force be with our married couples-to-be.

2. Marvel

The Marvel cinematic universe has swept through pop culture like a whirlwind over the past few years. And the world of weddings is no exception. In fact, Marvel-themed weddings have seen a surge in popularity, with an 84% increase in demand in 2021. For lovers of all things comic books, this engagement ring features the infinity stones set on the inside of the band as a secret little treasure that only you and your partner know about.

3. Game of Thrones

Despite the show’s onscreen weddings often ending in disaster, Game of Thrones-themed weddings have seen a 67% growth in demand over the past twelve months. With the ground-breaking series celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2021, it seems that fans of the fearsome franchise have rekindled their love for the people (and dragons) of Westeros.

4. Lord of The Rings

With millions of Lord of The Rings fans across the world and perhaps one of the most iconic and “precious” rings on the planet, it’s no surprise that Lord of The Rings themed weddings are one of the most in-demand themes of 2021, seeing a 66% increase in demand. Engagement rings to emulate the mythical series might see design elements such as Elvish transcriptions or twisted bands inspired by Elven crowns.

5. Cowboy

Country music, cow print, barn dancing, and horses. What’s not to love about a cowboy themed wedding? The style has had newlyweds saying “yee-haw” with a 50% increase in demand in 2021.

6. Tropical

Tropical wedding themes have seen a 26% increase in demand during 2021. You needn’t travel to a faraway island for an authentic tropical theme, there are plenty of ways to recreate the atmosphere with tropical plants and table dressings, global cuisines and décor.

7. Football

The beautiful game may seem an unusual choice for a wedding theme, but football-themed weddings have seen a surge in popularity during 2021. In fact, the demand for football-themed weddings has grown by 23%.

8. Twilight

Twilight themed weddings have seen a 23% increase in demand in 2021. Stephanie Meyer’s hit saga Twilight may have come to an end in 2012, but that hasn’t stopped fans of the franchise from recreating the romance of Bella and Edward during their own nuptials.

9. Country

A popular choice for lovers of nature and the great outdoors, the demand for country weddings has grown by 23% over the past twelve months. The style suits any budget and can be adapted to many seasons. As country themed weddings appear in both the most pinned and most instrammed themes it’s no surprise that the theme has grown in popularity year on year.

10. Nautical

Coastal-inspired celebrations appear to be another wedding trend that’s seen a spike in popularity over the last twelve months. Characterised by a red, blue and white colour scheme and usually carried out on a boat or near water, nautical-themed weddings have seen a 22% increase in demand in 2021. Rings inspired by this theme typically feature twisted rope bands or engravings.


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Feeling inspired?

Whichever theme you decide to choose for your special day, the most important thing is to celebrate true love! Let Taylor & Hart help, with a custom engagement ring to suit any theme.


Pulling together a list of key themes, we discovered the most searched for wedding themes worldwide. We also found which theme had been hashtagged the most on Instagram. To find the most ‘pinned’ wedding themes, we searched the top 138 Pinterest boards for each theme, seeing which had the most number of pins.

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