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Made by your stories – spring 2020 campaign

Taylor and hart bus advertisements made by your stories cannon street

This spring, we are delighted to announce our new out of home campaign, “Made by your stories” running across bus stops and train stations throughout London. Our campaign’s concept centres around our customer’s love stories, a series for our blog. Each of the couples featured have created bespoke engagement rings with Taylor & Hart and each of their stories are uniquely charming, and offer an insight into the inspiration behind their ring designs.

We are a company whose business model centres around customisation. We aspire to not only be the place that people think of when they are ready to propose to their partners, but also a place to create something unique. With this campaign, we want to present our bespoke engagement rings to show how jewellery can be incredibly personal and sentimental. Each of the rings displayed in the advertisements are one of a kind, created with the couple’s stories and characters embedded in the details of the ring.

The campaign has launched with three customer love stories, each of the three couples that participated in our campaign, each couple has an individual story.

Taylor and hart bus advertisements made by your stories

Bobby & Laura

Bobby had previously completed a jewellery course and knew a thing or two about designing jewellery. He came to Taylor and Hart with a specific idea in mind, something that considered Laura’s personality. A very charismatic couple, they are the epitome of a contemporary British love story!

Taylor and hart bus advertisements made by your stories

Jon & Hayley

Jon and Hayley’s love story is incredibly sweet– a modern fairytale. It begins with a whimsical proposal in Dordogne, France in a quaint treehouse near a castle. The engagement ring encapsulates their love with details referencing Hayley’s favourite mythical creature, a unicorn.

Taylor and hart bus advertisements made by your stories

Róisín & Tina

A creative and fun-loving couple, Tina proposed to Róisín at the end of a treasure hunt that Tina had created in their flat, with a ring that totally embodied Róisín! Tina designed the engagement ring with their favourite colour in mind, turquoise and as Róisín is Irish, Tina also included a celtic pattern in the ring as a nod to her heritage. The vivid Paraiba tourmaline centre stone along with the bespoke band made this engagement ring a memorable one for us to be a part of.

Taylor and hart bus advertisements made by your stories cannon street

The “Made by your stories” campaign will run until the end of April. Over the next two months, we’ll be adding five more tales to the campaign– so keep an eye out if you enjoyed our displays so far! As a part of a goal to achieve an increase in brand awareness, we hope that we’ll bring a smile to the faces of commuters across London!


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