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How to propose during lockdown

If you’re feeling uncertain about how to make an unforgettable lockdown proposal go off without a hitch, this is the list for you. Here are the best ways to propose during a quarantine that will make a memory that lasts forever.

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Love Through the Ages: Teya and Val

In our Love Through The Ages series, we’re setting aside the checklists, spreadsheets, and anticipation of wedding planning in order to dive deep into what love looks like beyond the proposal. Because love isn’t an event. It’s something we embody each day.

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Here’s to the Extended Engagements of 2020

If you find yourself still engaged this holiday season and you weren’t supposed to be, this one’s for you. We’re raising a toast to all the extended engagements of 2021. You’ve taught us something important this year and that’s to never, ever give up on love.

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