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What are emeralds?

Perhaps the most famous green-hued gemstone, the emerald is a variety of the mineral beryl. Despite their relatively lower hardness on the Mohs scale compared to diamonds, emeralds are often treated with oils and resins to enhance their durability and appearance which means they can make for a rather lovely engagement ring.

This treatment helps minimise the risk of breakage and ensures the longevity of the stone. The unique characteristics of emeralds, such as their low facet structure and deep colour saturation, contribute to their special appeal. Their softer brilliance and rich depth create a captivating effect that sets them apart from traditional diamond rings. With the right amount of maintenance and care, the stone will bring you joy every day. As Chandler said to Monica ‘they can say that you’re high maintenance, but it’s okay, because I like…maintaining you.’

Whether set in vintage-inspired designs or modern settings, emerald engagement rings possess a charm and class that can complement any type of metal with their beguiling green hue. From the enchanting shades that make you think of lush woodlands to the refreshing shade of iced pistachio, emeralds offer a spectrum of colours that add distinct character to any ring design.

With their distinguished reputation for striking beauty, emerald engagement rings captivate and delight in equal measure.

Emerald engagement ring gallery

Be inspired by our emerald engagement rings, individually designed with love by you and crafted by us.

emerald cut emerald and diamond moi et toi ring jackie kennedy inspired engagement ring

Can you wear your emerald engagement ring every day?

While a lovely choice for an engagement ring, there are a few things you should know before deciding to purchase an emerald. It only ranks 7.5 on the Mohs scale, meaning it’s softer than a sapphire which ranks at 9, and substantially below a diamond which scores a perfect 10. While an emerald is still a comparatively hard gemstone, it can falter under everyday wear and tear. Washing your hands while wearing the ring, rigorous gesticulation that results in hitting it against harder surfaces and frequently dropping it can all result in scratches and chipping so it’s important to be careful.

If you know an emerald is right for you, then there are some simple things to keep in mind to make sure your gemstone will stand the test of time. To start, an emerald centre stone with a minimal amount of inclusions is ideal. The inclusions found in the gemstone not only give it a distinct look but contribute to its fragility. But not to fear, at Taylor & Hart, we have strict quality checks and always ensure that we’re providing you with the most robust and beautiful emeralds on the market.

Additionally, when purchasing an emerald centre stone, consider bezel-setting the gem. This will give the emerald more protection and decrease the risk of damage to your ring. Our Design Consultants are seasoned emerald engagement ring specialists and will guide you to the most suitable setting for your lifestyle and stylistic preferences.

What does an emerald symbolise in an engagement ring?

Those born in May are lucky enough to call the emerald their birthstone. Additionally, in astrology, the emerald is the stone that represents the Cancer sign. The green colour is believed to represent growth, peace, and balance and its green colour reminds us of nature and the beauty of Mother Earth.

Emeralds are often associated with passion, affection, and emotional balance. They symbolise the deep connections and loyalty that you cherish in romantic partnerships. Perfect for spiritual couples. They’re also believed to enhance mental clarity, intuition and, sort of, make you smarter, which is a nice way to celebrate a couple’s journey of learning more about the world and each other.

Historically, emeralds have been symbols of riches and success. They’ve been treasured by royalty and high society throughout history as symbols of power and prestige. A nice talisman of sorts. They’re also said to represent an equilibrium between the mind, body and spirit, which is an essential part of being in a relationship, so why not get a little extra help in the form of this majestic stone?

Throughout history, emeralds were revered for their mystical qualities with a lot of symbolism attributed to their power. In ancient Egypt, they were popularised by Cleopatra, who would adorn herself with handmade emerald jewellery and decorate her palace with the stones.

What are the best cuts for emeralds?

Emeralds can be brittle and feature visible inclusions; for this reason, the famous ’emerald cut’ was developed. Characterised by the step cut or the trap ring setting, it features rectangular facets and a larger table. These cuts are uniquely designed to enhance the stability and form of a stone, which allows a gem that is naturally fragile to be worn as everyday jewellery. An emerald cut engagement ring with an emerald centre stone is one of the most popular styles for this particular gemstone.

Some high-quality emeralds won’t have many inclusions, allowing them to be cut in the classic round, oval or other fancy shapes. Emeralds also make beautiful side stones, which you can pair with a diamond centre stone for dazzling results. We also offer them as our Signature Stone on the inside of your engagement ring’s band.

Where do emeralds come from?

Should emeralds be dark or light?

Emeralds range from a light seafoam colour to a dark mossy tone. The colour of the gemstone is graded by three factors: colour, tone and hue. The most prized emerald colour is known as ‘very good’ or ‘exceptional’, which means it is rich with colour but bright enough that it doesn’t lose its signature look. The tone of the emerald refers to the saturation of colour, ranging from light to deep and intense. The hue of the emerald is what describes the exact colour, and this ranges from light yellow-green to a strong verdant shade, with the most desirable being an intense bluish green.

Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong colour for an emerald, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so it’s really up to you. Some people prefer the classic forest green hue, while some love the fire and glow of a lighter green emerald.

An emerald can vary in cost, depending on the quality and provenance of the stone. The most expensive one is the Colombian emerald, followed by the Zambian variety.

Similarly to a diamond, this gemstone is evaluated depending on its colour and clarity, with colour being the most important element, followed by clarity, then quality of cut and carat.

Emeralds with vivid saturation and good clarity will be found at a high price point. Due to their nature, most emeralds are highly included, so to increase clarity, most emeralds are treated with oil to enhance the visibility within the stone. Carat is an important factor in the price, however, with an emerald, it is recommended to get a smaller carat to ensure exceptional colour and clarity. Essentially, figures can range anywhere from £1,500 to £1.5 million and beyond. We have access to the world’s database of gemstone suppliers and will make sure all your criteria are met so that you get the emerald of your dreams. Our highly skilled jewellery consultants are always on-hand to explain in even more detail.

Celebrity emerald engagement rings

The magic of emeralds has always attracted celebrities. The rarity and beauty of larger, high-quality stones make the emerald engagement ring a celebrity magnet.

Jackie Kennedy’s toi et moi emerald engagement ring consisted of a breathtaking 2.84-carat emerald cut emerald and a 2.88-carat emerald cut diamond. The former First Lady remodelled the ring once, replacing the emerald and diamond baguettes with marquise diamonds. Each iteration of this piece reflects Jackie O’s iconic style and influence and has continued to influence engagement ring design trends some 50+ years later.

Rita Ora’s engagement ring from Taika Waititi is a stunning emerald cut, pavé halo emerald piece with a glittering emerald stone and gold band. The singer told Jimmy Fallon that she may or may not have heavily hinted at what she’d like and her director beau did very well with the beautiful piece. It perfectly suits their Hollywood personas.

Perhaps the most famous movie emerald is the breathtaking ring worn by Michelle Yeoh in Crazy Rich Asians. It’s a huge plot point with quite a lot of screen time and, fun fact, is the actor’s personal piece. The Oscar winner has said she bought it as a present to herself which is truly iconic behaviour.

‘This is my own ring. It was such a character in the film, so it had to be instantly recognisable. The colour green is about life, prosperity… and with [my character] Eleanor, since she’s so particular, I knew [this is the] ring that she would wear.’ It looked sensational in the movie and has graced many a red carpet as Michelle’s star accessory.

Whether you’re drawn to emeralds because of their rich history, deep symbolism or star power, they’re sure to make for a stunning engagement ring. As long as you do your due diligence, check in with one of our consultants and make an informed decision, you can rest assured you’ve got the right emerald for you.

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