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Rectangular Engagement Rings

Rectangular engagement rings are elegant and sophisticated, perfect for a bride with a classic style.

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Styles of rectangular engagement rings

Rectangular engagement rings are elegant and sophisticated, perfect for a bride with a classic style. Aside from round and oval diamonds, the next three most popular diamond cuts are all rectangular: the cushion cut, the emerald cut, and the princess cut diamond. The elongated and angular lines of these cuts give the shapes a more muted glamour than round shapes, which suits a minimalist perfectly. Our guide to rectangular engagement rings will help you decide if this type of cut is right for you.

Elongated radiant cut yellow diamond set in platinum with pave
East west emerald cut diamond set in yellow gold with trillion accent diamonds
Emerald set in yellow gold
Emeralds with a trillion cut diamonds with emerald and diamond pave
Elongated emerald cut diamond set in platinum with pave
Radiant cut diamond bezel set in yellow gold
Emerald and diamond moi et toi engagement ring
Emerald cut diamond set with pave
Radiant cut diamond set in rose gold with pave

Diamond sizes and cuts for rectangular engagement rings

If you’ve already decided on a rectangular diamond engagement ring, it’s time to carefully consider each cut and size to find the one that’s perfectly suited to your taste. While all of the rectangular cuts are quite similar, there are some key differences within the cuts. The main difference is the stone’s proportions and facet structure. Some rectangular cuts have a brilliant and very sparkly facet structure while others have a step cut structure, which produces a ‘hall of mirrors’ effect. Below, we compare the brilliant rectangular cuts vs the step cut rectangular diamond shapes.

Step-cut rectangular diamond shapes

The Emerald cut

One of the most elegant shapes, the emerald cut diamond was originally invented for the emerald gemstone. The cut is characterised by 57 long facets, large table and cut off corners. The step-cut facet structure gives the emerald cut it’s distinct “hall of mirrors” effect made of the long glimmers of light that reflect off each other in contrasting tones.

emerald cut diamond

The Asscher cut

The Asscher cut was developed in the 1920s by diamond cutter Joseph Asscher. Inspired by the Art Deco movement, the cut features 72 step cut facets with a distinct pattern of shorter and longer lines. The cut is often labeled by the GIA as a cut-cornered square step cut.

Asscher cut diamond

Brilliant rectangular diamond shapes

The cushion cut

The cushion cut is a square shaped diamond with rounded corners, the softest out of all the square shapes. You can also find them in elongated rectangular shapes. The cushion cut has 58 facets, which gives it a brilliant effect.

Cushion cut diamond

The radiant cut

This unique shape was invented specifically to combine the best of both the emerald and the round brilliant cut, and we think it’s achieved just that! An elongated and brilliant cut, the radiant cut was invented fairly recently by Henry Grossbard in the late 1970s.

The radiant cut diamond

The princess cut

Of all the square cuts, the princess is the sharpest & most angular. With a distinct chevron facet structure, the princess cut is known as a rectangular modified brilliant cut by the GIA.

The princess cut diamond

How do you choose a diamond cut and size for your rectangular engagement ring?

Choosing the perfect diamond cut for your ring is entirely up to your personal preference. The cut and size of your rectangular diamond centre stone will inform the rest of the design, so make sure that you choose something you love which fits within your budget. Our diamond search tool allows you to view sizes, shapes, and prices of thousands of diamonds to help you get an idea of what you want.

How to customize your rectangular engagement ring

If you’ve seen a rectangular engagement ring in our collection that you’d like to customize, our design consultants are here to help. There are many ways that you can customize your engagement ring to make it one of a kind. Take a look at our “What’s possible with custom?” page to explore all the various ways you can alter a design. From engravings, signature gemstone colours, and metal finishes, we’ve got you covered.

Customisation trends for rectangular engagement rings

From modifications in our collection to completely bespoke rectangular rings, there are a few key trends we’ve seen this year when making custom jewellery.

Colourful rectangular & square gemstone centre stones

While diamonds are a classic choice, why not consider a coloured gemstone for your centre stone? The emerald cut was originally created with the emerald gemstone in mind, as the cut showcased the stone’s rich green colour so well. Sapphires—a durable gemstone full of brilliance—work wonderfully when cut in a rectangular or square shape. Sapphires come in almost every colour of the rainbow, with blue, yellow, and pink being our most popular sapphire colours!

Custom cut accent stones

While a solitaire emerald cut would certainly be beautiful, there’s nothing like a pair of perfectly cut accent stones to add dynamism to your engagement ring. Consider baguette diamonds or custom cut gemstones, such as a pair of sapphire or emerald trapezoids, to compliment your centre diamond.

emerald cut diamond centre custom cut tapered baguette diamond side stones engagement ring yellow gold

Square compass settings

Square gemstone cuts such as the princess and Asscher can look both unique and flattering when set at a 90 degree angle. The points on the square elongate the finger, which is what makes a compass setting so popular with the princess diamond cut.

Asscher cut teal sapphire set in platinum in a compass setting

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