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Drawing together timeless design with modern artistry, our collection of diamond engagement rings offers you an exciting selection of unique rings, allowing you to find a design that speaks to love you share with your partner. Certain styles determine the overall silhouette and impact of your engagement ring, so take time to consider if a solitaire, pavé, halo, or trilogy design is the one for you. From a gently curving oval cut to the striking angles of a princess cut, choosing the diamond shape best suited to your relationship is a great way to make your ring feel personal, so be sure to check out our full range of gemstones. Our designers draw creative inspiration from all over to bring you a diverse range diamond engagement rings, so explore our full selection of design styles below.


When shopping for your diamond ring, there are a plethora of elements to consider from diamond shape, diamond size and quality, metal type, as well as band style and band width. However, the design elements that ring true for all of our collection rings is that every classic design looks beautiful from every angle and is comfortable to wear. The collection transcends trends and are destined to become treasured family heirlooms.

Mid-century modern design is sleek, yet always functional. That’s what we wanted for the collection.

Understanding the anatomy of an engagement ring will help to describe and recognise the different elements of a ring’s design and how you might like to customise it to suit your preferences. For collection designs that allow it, these rings are set with a small signature ruby on the inside of the band. The red ruby acts as a tangible symbol of our brand, capturing both our customers’ story and the care everyone at Taylor & Hart has put into the design, craft and delivery of each product. It’s also a sweet chance to personalise your ring-the ruby can be replaced with a gemstone that has special meaning to you or your partner.

Each design is priced without its centre stone, which can be chosen at the next stage of the ring builder. The designs can be set with diamonds or gemstones; from traditional white diamonds to colours such as pink, blue or yellow as well as lab-grown diamonds. Alternatively, each engagement ring can be set with side precious coloured gemstones that include blue, yellow, pink and peach-coloured sapphires, rubies and emeralds.

Diamond shapes

Engagement ring settings and styles

Almost everyone who comes to us to begin their engagement ring journey wants to know: ‘how much should I expect to pay for an engagement ring?’ There’s no simple answer. But, we can help you explore how each element of a design effects engagement ring prices, how you can maximize your value for money, and give you an idea of how much other people spend on engagement rings.

The ‘three months of your salary’ rule of yesteryear was created as part of a marketing campaign in the 50s and 60s. Dated and exclusionary, it’s not really legitimate advice for would-be proposers. What matters most is that you’ve found the love of your life; your ring should be a reflection of that bond, not an object that’s only about a price tag.

The nation that spends the most on engagement rings is the US, where the average cost of an engagement ring in 2021 was about $6,000. While the average spend is significantly less in the UK, it doesn’t mean people are buying inexpensive rings. Instead, we’ve seen a trend that has seen consumers move away from traditional choices, choosing to explore different designs, materials and styles as well as gaining a deeper understanding of a product’s value before deciding what to spend on an engagement ring.

Behind The Design

Dan & Katharine

“I wanted it to be a little bit three-dimensional so we started to play with these motifs that I knew Katharine would like. Leaves and designs and swirls, all based on a lot of her Pinterest board that is so uniquely just her.”

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