Rose Cut

Considered one of the original diamond cuts, the rose cut diamond dates back to the early 1500s. With anywhere from three to 24 triangular facets, rose cut diamonds peak into a dome or kite-shape. This structure resembles the soft curve of a rose petal, hence its name.

Their flat base creates a larger surface area, making rose cuts an excellent choice to maximize your budget. With its subtle, soft brilliance, the look is old-world and distinctly feminine. You’ll love the clear flashes of light and simplistic faceting.

rose cut diamond

This individual diamond cut is hand carved, unlike machine cut brilliant diamonds seen in the majority of modern jewelry. Rose cut diamonds are elegant reminders of the past, which make for a compelling centerpiece and you’ll often see rose cuts in antique style jewelry designs.

But despite their rarity, this vintage diamond cut is making a comeback in modern jewelry design. Stars such as Jennifer Aniston, Alison Brie and Camila Alves all wear rose cut diamond engagement rings.

oval rose cut diamond halo trilogy rose gold engagement ring
oval rose cut diamond with pear pink sapphires set in rose gold
round rose cut diamond

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